Isbourne Holistics Centre

The Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme September-December 2012

Welcome to the new term’s listings for September to December 2012!

I hope you enjoy browsing this, our latest programme. We have chosen events that we hope will be helpful, as well as exciting. We have an incredible total of 63 courses and events, 16 different weekly classes and 17 free taster sessions on offer this term!

We are delighted to present Jamie Catto, who is the creative catalyst behind both the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums, and legendary dance mega group Faithless. Also very exciting is the return of leading spiritual teacher Diana Cooper, giving a talk and a workshop in September keeping us abreast of information about global awakening and the birth of a new era from 21.12.2012.

Do remember to book your tickets as an Early Bird for the best prices.

Love, Janie and the Isbourne Team.