Isbourne Holistics Centre

The Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme January – April 2013

A New Year – A New Holistic Education Programme!

The Isbourne Holistic Centre – a pioneer for Wellbeing and Spiritual Development in the South West of England – unleashes a new programme for Spring 2013 in Cheltenham…

Featuring talks and workshops with Dr Masaru Emoto, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Satish Kumar, Robert Holden, Patrick Holford, Zerbanoo Gifford and many more top holistic teachers

 Here are the highlights: 

•   Taster Week: Try out a wonderfully diverse choice of courses and workshops, for FREE!   There will be Tasters in Yoga, Vibrant Laughter, Meditation, Healing Song, Belly Dance and numerous others giving a foretaste of many of the Isbourne’s diverse holistic offerings.

•   DO NOT MISS!  –  Dr Masuru Emoto from Japan coming to us at  Cheltenham Town Hall on Tuesday 19th March! Dr Emoto is internationally renowned for his work with water crystals, his books researching the Messages from Water, and the Emoto Peace Project in response to the recent Tsunami in Japan. He will explain how the environment and people’s consciousness influence and shape water and how this impacts on the earth, and you’ll be treated to a sneak preview of Dr Emoto’s latest water crystal photographs.

•   Other exciting Guest Speaker events include Marie-Claire Carlyle’s talk ‘How to be a Money Magnet’, a talk and a workshop with ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar sharing his vision for a better world based on the principles of Soul, Soil and Society (Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March), the launch of Robert Holden’s new book Loveability on Monday 4th March, and a talk with legendary author and human rights campaigner Zerbanoo Gifford, winner of the 2006 International Woman of the Year Award.

•   Other names to watch in this term’s programme include Patrick Holford (The Feel Good Factor), Penelope Quest (Human Energy Field), Atasha Fyfe (Past Lives), Ruth White (Yoga), Becky Walsh (Intuition) and Mary Pearson (Meditation).

And a vibrant miscellany of quality Isbourne tutors and therapists will be on hand to guide you towards health and happiness!