Isbourne Holistics Centre

Isbourne Programme January – April 2014

Welcome to the Isbourne Programme January – April

The aim of the Isbourne Foundation is to Create Positive Lives Through Education

Our Holistic Education programme aims to inspire and support personal development
and increase levels of consciousness, adhering to the following values:

We view healing as a natural process which can be generated through both modern medicine and complementary processes and by raising individual awareness via educational courses and social dialogues for the wellbeing of individuals and the community.

Social Responsibility
We embrace our daily lives with dignity, maintaining respect for ourselves, others and the environment, while upholding a conscientious approach to sustainable living.

We seek to open our hearts to those around us, treating others with consideration, love, generosity and understanding.

Regular connection with our inner world – a space of silence, calm and relaxed awareness – can enhance wellbeing and creativity, generating more harmonious relationships both within ourselves and in the world around us.

The Isbourne embraces all ages, genders, races and creeds, uniting each and everyone in a grand Celebration of Life. As we learn, share and grow together, we create a sense of community, shared purpose and joy.