Isbourne Holistics Centre

Isbourne Holistic Centre – Spring 2015

Dear Friends

The coming term of Spring – a shorter term that runs from January to March 2015 – presents an exciting range of classes and courses, sprinkled with Guest Speaker events and one-off workshops.

Naturally we have some great guest speakers, such as Lynne McTaggart, author of the magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, who I am delighted to say is back with us, this time to speak about current spiritual revolution and organised evolutionary change. Find out how to become a mouse that roars! Lynne is an inspirational and empowering speaker, so don’t miss
this opportunity.

Hay House Author Andrea Gardner speaks about how to change your world by changing your words – what stories do you tell about yourself? Her viral YouTube video The Power of Words has inspired millions of people. Also from Hay House, Charlotte Watts will be helping us to de-stress, by explaining the links between stress and disease, and providing realistic ideas for change using nutrition and mindfulness.

Judy Hall the well-known author, crystal expert and psychic healer tells us how to work with karma and create the future we want right now.

Our famous Taster Week (5th-11th January) is showcase time – a whole week of free events for you
to savour and sample, and a great way of finding out if a course suits you. You can talk to the tutor and find out how long it takes to get to the Isbourne before committing – but if you do, 10% discount awaits!

So many events we offer can help you transform your life for the better. You could plan your year
ahead by making a mandala; a collage of images to illustrate your aspirations, bringing vision and magic to your manifestations! To help you make those New Year decisions, you could learn focusing – a way of listening intently to how your body feels about certain situations, because without your head interfering your body usually knows what you need and which situations are unhealthy. If you know about NLP, you will understand how sessions can enable you to make
better life decisions and feel more in control.

Need to find some inner peace? Learn meditation, healing or Reiki. Want to create harmony between body and mind? Try Tai Chi, Yoga, or sound healing with the voice. Starting a new business? On a very practical level, if you want to get to grips with your website we have courses to help to build it, improve it, and market it!

Feeling creative? We offer writing courses, art classes and colour therapy workshops. If you feel the need to get moving while having great fun at the same time, drop into Egyptian Belly Dance or Nia – Joyful Movement classes.

If you are looking to develop yourself on a spiritual level, there is so much to choose from; Mediumship, Psychometry, Angel Alchemy, Personal Transformation: activating self-change, and working with unconditional love in You Have a Superpower! – to name just a few.

Remember, we now have a delightful café at the Centre; why not come and meet your friends for coffee and some of Karen’s wonderful homemade cake? Looking forward to seeing you there,

Janie and the Isbourne Team

NB. Look out for the exciting accredited courses being offered by the Isbourne College
on page 5 and their event on January 30th!