The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – September / October 2015

We’ve variety to match the changing colours of autumn in what is another inspiring edition of the Good Property Guide. And it’s not just the season that’s changing as we enter sultry September. Around the planet, incredible new developments and structures are creating magnificent skylines and new lifestyles. We celebrate some of those here.
There are special reports on Cogress – an innovative investment company leading the way with impressive returns, the exciting vineyard market in France and how beautiful Brazil is attracting high numbers of British investors. We discover how you can holiday on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island paradise, and secure an outstanding property opportunity on Grand Cayman. We also delve deeper into a fabulous area of Florida away from the tourist hotspots, highlight top Hawaiian attractions and showcase an altogether different side to New York.

It’s wonderful to have a special recorded delivery from soul singing sensation Lemar, and dig deeper into the green creativity of well-known garden designer Kate Gould. Fans of Inspector Montalbano are in for a Sicilian treat, we provide a glimpse of Roger Federer’s amazing new home on Lake Zurich and reveal how UK actress Liz Hurley has invested wisely in her own property.

Our Spanish offering opens up the way to San Jose, and Sibenik brings back memories of sizzling summer in Croatia. We introduce you to The Queen of the Sea, set sail around Malta, trip the light fantastic in Berlin and chill out in a thrilling Amsterdam hotel. Our special French double act will entertain, Napoleon’s taste in property will fascinate, and the feminine genius around a wonderful UK home will enthral. It’s back to the future for a Starfleet Commander, but not before he shows
off his former base in Belgravia. And we mustn’t forget how you can make capital
gains in London.

You’’ll get the very best investment and financial advice, cutting edge property
and travel news, and our own ticket to see how Cornwall Rocks. In short, we take
you around the world in 84 pages. From all the team at the Good Property Guide,
enjoy your autumnal journey.