The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – January / February 2015

Every passing year brings new hope and fresh dreams for many people around the world, though sadly some individuals will need help from others simply to get from day to day.

It’s always good to put something back which is why we are highlighting Woolly Hat Day and the plight of the homeless. Our good friend Phil Spencer reveals more about this special day on Friday 30th January, and how we can all help change things positively for the future.

There’s an insight into one of the world’s top property companies through the eyes of Sanjay Amin, Director of the BCQS Group based in Barbados, and a look into the life of innovative UK designer Jill Stein.

We sample a little of John Travolta’s ‘jet set’ lifestyle in Florida and an amazing high flying property development. Meanwhile in Europe, The Good Property Guide is given a privileged look at the French vineyard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love with –a definite case of things looking Rose in Provence.

It’s also genuinely thrilling to open the doors on the Indian property investment market with a brief insight into the workings of Bollywood in magnificent Mumbai.

If you fancy escaping to Venice or Valetta, Andalucia or Auvergne, Oman or Orlando or even take in a spot of skiing in Switzerland, this is very much the magazine for you. In fact, we also visit Mauritius, The Caribbean, Seychelles, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and California.

It’s a monumental year for Blenheim Palace here in the UK as one of our greatest Britons Sir Winston Churchill is remembered through three amazing milestones. We invite you to discover more about the place and the man.

You can read all about one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had and just why South Place in the City of London, is a very special place. Staying in the capital we get behind the scenes at the iconic Abbey Road studios and reveal just what property you can buy in NW8.

Lovely Dawn French sings the praises of Cornwall and we focus on a veritable food fest in Falmouth. There’s the usual property and travel news and advice on all manner of properties around the globe.

The team presents variety, colour, warmth and of course hope – what more could you want in our first issue of 2015?