The Editors little Guide to Publishing Greatness

We hear you! All the little questions you wanted to know the answers to, in order to get to grips with about magazine design all in one handy guide for you to view and download at your leisure.

Our little design guide has been created to give you key information about bleed, images, branding, magazine promotion and even some hints about designing your magazine for the web vs designing for print plus much more. Enjoy!

This guide is a seed sowing for all the basics you need to consider when thinking about designing a magazine.

This is not design bible but we will happily help you with any further help you need laying out or designing your magazine from scratch.

Always remember we are on hand to help you with design, printing and fulfilling your magazine, so either fill in one of the 60 second magazine print quote forms or speak to us directly on 01242 237652. We would love to hear from you.