Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City – Summer 2012

Well. Summer comes back around quickly doesn’t it? Well, we say exactly the
same thing when it’s Easter, Christmas, our Birthdays, or whatever… we’re
daft really, aren’t we, because they all come around at exactly the same pace!
Anyway, Hi, we’re here again but slightly delayed as usual, but that’s the
nature of independent media. You’ve heard it all from me before, so I’m not
going bore you with all the reasons once again. You know how it is. Suffice to say, you’re holding this now and you’re reading it, so we’ve done our job, managed to get it out on the streets and here it is, the Summer issue of Tenfootcity! As usual, there’s loads of good stuff in here which should interest just about everyone in some way. Loads of information on new ideas, coming events, great places to check out and some other funny and entertaining stuff, as well as the usual opinionated shite that our writers gurgitate for you.

As we produce this, it looks like England are going to shock us all and do well in the
European Championships – so that’ll be a nice turn-up for the books. I just hope we beat boring Spain if we get to play them, but the Germans look the best to me at the moment. Then we’ve got the Olympics to think about haven’t we. Is it ours, or is it London’s? I can’t quite work it out. I know they carried the torch through the whole country (I’m surprised they even remembered us)… but when it did come here, we had to keep it burning by constantly topping-up our gas cards, cos that’s the only way they’d allow it to come through Hull! Be summat to watch anyway won’t it, with all those people jumping, swimming, cycling, running and walking really, (ridiculously), fuckin’ fast. Good entertainment with a glass of wine or can
of super strength and a joint. (And that’s just my Mam.)

Me? I’m off. Got a holiday booked in Outer Mongolia. Just me, fuckin’ off on me own for a bit of peace. Five star Yurt and two gorgeous Yaks lined-up. Can’t go wrong. All inclusive goats milk as well. Gonna contemplate life and think about next season.

Chaaars, y’all. TFC Editor