Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City – Spring 2012

“We appear when we want… we appear when want…..
WE ARE TENFOOTCITY and we appear when we want!”

Nice little ditty to start to you off with, there. (If you’re not a football fan, you sing it to the tune ofSloop John B. “I want to go home” etc.”)So, have you missed us? Go on, be honest. You have, haven’t you? Yes, thought so! You know you have! Because you love us don’t yer! And that’s okay, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because, do y’know what; …. we love you too! We’re all from Hull aren’t we? You’re one of our own.
Anyway, we’re back, so… er, Hi! Nice to see you again. I know some of you probably thought we’d disappeared again, but (and it’s getting tedious explaining this every year)… we always take a break early in the year because January doesn’t really exist in advertising and marketing terms, meaning we don’t have enough money to pay for a February issue. Hence the reason we wait until March to get up and running again. But trust us, we will always be back, like a faithful little puppy, just as we prove every year. (Six years and running now.) Luckily we make enough money out of this magazine, during the rest of the year, to take the team (around 12 of us) on a three-week January break to the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, for a team-bonding holiday, do some jungle challenges and to get totally inebriated. So that was good. It beats going to see our advertisers and reading thousands of e-mails anyway!

So, SPRING IS IN THE AIR, (as our latest Cover by Anna Bean and Martin L.) elucidates so brilliantly. (Yet bizarrely disturbing as usual!) Yeah, things are starting to happen ‘round these parts again and this issue of Tenfootcity is full of it, of course. Loads of great stuff, news and comments inside here, but you don’t need me to spell it all out on this page, just go and have a look around. Be part of it all yourself, by checking out and supporting all of the places or events that appeal to you and help to keep the wheels of Hull and East Yorkshire turning. (No bastard’s gonna do it for us y’know – well not until Siemens get here anyway!!)

Have a nice Easter Egg, enjoy the Spring Sunshine and we’ll see you all again at the end of May. Love, The Editor.

MISSED A COPY OF TENFOOTCITY? Because copies of Tenfootcity get picked-up so quickly, we get a lot of e-mails asking us where they can still get hold of a copy. So here’s little tip…. if you’ve ever missed out, just ask at the Tourist information Office, to the right of the City Hall (Victoria Square) because they have a spare box-full under the counter – but you have to ask, because they’re not on public display due to some of the content!

We’ll also start a subscription scheme soon and don’t forget you can now view issues on-line by going to: www.tenfootcity.co.uk or through facebook pages NICK TENFOOTCITY TAYLOR or TENFOOTCITY MAGAZINE HULL (Just click on the provided links.) But don’t forget to be our “FRIEND” and “LIKE” us… then you’ll always have new issues available to you, directly to your screen!