Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City Magazine – Summer 2013

Summer in the City of Love – well it’s supposed to be Summer anyway, hopefully it’ll have brightened up by the time you read this, considering all of the Summer events and Festivals that we’ve got going on in Hull this year. Just flick through these pages and you’ll see what I mean. Our City is really vibrant and creative, which is one of the main reasons why this magazine actually exists! There is so much going on here, it’s incredible and we should all be really proud of ourselves. Never let anyone tell you that Hull is “dull” or “boring” – because they are either just local moaners or people who haven’t got a clue about our brilliant city. Just show them a copy of this magazine and they’d be amazed at how much is really going on. (More on the Folk Festival, Yum Food Festival, Humber Street Sesh, Hull Fake Festival, Pearson Park Arts Festival, Freedom Festival, etc, etc…all inside here.) In Hull, we are some of the most innovative, creative and tenacious people of the U.K. and that probably comes from our isolation and our general economy and lifestyle, that meant we all had to grow up just having to cope and having to make ends meet. We just get on with it, don’t we? We’re fighters and “Do-ers” and Tenfootcity is very proud of that fact, which is why we love highlighting everything that you are all DOING!!

Well done to all of you for what you create and well done to all of you that go along and support everything. We are top people in Hull!
And of course, we are also now in the Top League in World Football once again, which (whether you are interested in Football or not) is going to have a MASSIVE effect in terms of the image and perception of the City worldwide – and possibly economically. We can’t overstate how important it is to have Hull City back in the Premier League. We told you all, in the last issue that we would do it, even
though City were faltering at that time, with a load of hard games to end the season with, but we had faith – and it paid off; WE DID IT! (More on this inside…) So, with this massive surge in our profile, coupled with all of the creativity (in all fields) that is currently happening in our City, it can be no surprise that, under the guidance of an excellently positive and passionate campaign team, we’ve managed to make the cut for U.K. City Of Culture in 2017, we’re in the last four now, so everyone has now got to get behind this Bid and constantly shout from the rooftops about HOW GREAT HULL IS! (And more on that inside as well…) In general, things are really happening in Hull again, which should put a smile on most of our faces and hopefully we can all benefit from an upturn in fortunes in the near future. We just need a bit of Summer Sunshine now to help us all along! Enjoy the Summer 2013 issue of Tenfootcity – (7 years we’ve been running now) – and we’ll see you again in September with the Autumn issue. Don’t forget, thanks to our great designer, you can also read Tenfootcity on-line now, (over 15,000 hits on the last issue!) – just use the links on our Facebook pages “Nick Tenfootcity Taylor” (be our ‘Friend’) and also ‘Tenfootcity Magazine Hull.‘ (Like Us!) The Web-Site will be sorted out soon, I promise. (Hee Hee.)

Happy Summer from Tenfootcity!