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Ten Foot City Magazine – Summer 2011

Well, the sun has been shining
whilst we’ve been putting this
issue together and it’s also
been chucking it down on
occasions. But that’s Home
Sweet Home for you innit?

At our last team meeting, we came up with the idea of “The Summer of Love in Hull 2011“, which has even more connotations for me, as I’ll explain later, but we didn’t have a clue how to represent this slogan on our cover…. and you all know how important our covers are to us at Tenfootcity. They’ve become famous in this city. You know that we like to surprise a bit, shock a bit… or maybe even make you laugh a bit! Or preferably all three of those at once. (In fact we might even make a poster of our best covers one day – yeah, that’s a good idea.)

So, while we were all scratching our heads, our designer Martin decided to get in
touch with famous local photographer Anna Bean, who came up with the solution –
hence the fantastic cover shot that you’ve just seen. I’m not totally enamoured
with the shirts myself cos I’m a football fan and Hull City are ‘Uber Alles‘… but I
get her sentiment and I love it. Saved at the last minute. Cheers Anna. Anyway,
onto our city and what’s happening herein. Even though lots of people are going
away on holidays, or even longer travels, students have gone home and loads of
Hull people are spending evenings and weekends having barbeques and getting
pissed in the garden, amazingly, there’s still a lot going on, as this issue will reveal.
Don’t need to tell you right here, cos you’ll find it all within the pages, but, rest
assured, Hull is still alive and breathing.

Myself? I’ve just had a blokes weekend away with Jon Robson, DJ Sheik, Andy
Palmer and Howard Young. Me, Jon and Howard all took our kids (all lads) Andy
took his dog and DJ Sheik did all the cooking and tidying up! (What a lovely lad he
is.) We were in a log cabin at Keldy in North Yorkshire and my two boys loved
biking through the forest. Good times in life.

Anyway, apart from all that, but still talking ‘bout Love, I’m actually about to get
married in August! (It’s about time – we’ve been together for ten years and our two
boys are six and seven years old!) If you’re a mate of mine, you’ll already know
about this, but if you’re a friend who I haven’t seen for a while, get in touch and I’ll
get you an invite to the Big Party!

Most important thing though, for all of us, in these hard times, is to keep our chins
up, keep believeing in our little corner of the world in East Yorkshire, and… most
importantly, keep loving each other ! Tenfootcity will see you again at the end of
September (or even early October)… I’ve got to sort out my honeymoon
arrangements now. We’ve got a caravan for a week in With.