Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City Magazine – Spring 2013

Yeah, as usual, you wait ages for us and then we’re back again with a bang. Great issue this, loads of good stuff in it. Sorry that this has been one of our biggest gaps in production since we started the magazine nearly seven years ago. You know the reasons I think. The last issue came out late in November, delayed because of personal reasons which meant it was then basically impossible to do our usual Christmas/New year issue straight after that one … so we’ve been away for over four months. Sorry about that, but you know us by now… we refuse to disappear, and, in fact this year we’re going to go for it and try to make sure we bring one out every two months from now on, cos that’s what we’re supposed to be really; A Bi-Monthly magazine! (You’d never guess.)

Thanks to all of our advertisers who have been patient and have stood by us, because without you lot we wouldn’t be able to produce the magazine at all, so to
those of you who read this magazine try to support all of these independent advertisers because they’re the places that make Hull the city it is today. We all
need each other.

We’re looking forward to a good year for Hull actually. Hopefully, anyway. The two most important things that could happen are; 1) That we finally get an
announcement that the Siemens Wind Turbine plant is going to go ahead and; 2) that Hull City make it back into the Premier League. Both of these things will
have massive economic effect on the city and will benefit us all, either directly or indirectly…. and hopefully help us all to lift ourselves from these hard times.

What I’ve always loved about Hull, is that the people are resiliently resourceful and however much of a struggle life is, we tend to just knuckle down and get on with it. Yeah, we can moan a bit in this City, but at the end of the day we never lose our sense of humour and still know how to get out and enjoy yourselves, even if we haven’t got as much to spend as we used to have!

I suppose we could call this our early-Spring issue and I haven’t got a clue what will be on the cover, because that’s the domain of our incredibly talented designers Anna Bean and Martin Lewsley. We just leave it to them to come up with something and then you can always expect that I‘ll probably want to spoil it with
some sweeping statement at the last minute! So, this issue covers April and May (Jan, Feb and March have been confined to the bin of meaningless history) and
then we’ll get the next one produced for the end of May… and then bi-monthly thereafter.

Finally just as we were producing this issue, we received the news that Norman Collier had moved on to the footlights in the sky, so we’d like to dedicate this
issue to him and everything he ever did, as a comedian, for the reputation of the City of Hull. He was very proud to let people know where he was from and he
showed the rest of the country what a funny set of buggers we really are around here. So, R.I.P. Norman.