Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City Magazine – Easter 2011

We are tenfootcity.
We are five years old.
Happy Birthday to Us.
We are angry.

Angry? Yeah angry. Not because we are a precocious little five
year old kicking our legs and throttling our favourite dolly on
the edge of the pram… but for reasons which will become
apparent throughout this issue.
So, we’ve been around for 5 years and this is our 25th issue, which has certainly
proven all of the usual doubters and cynics, amongst you, emphatically wrong. (They do have a point though, most independent magazines only have a short life-span once economic reality kicks in.) However, they didn’t really know US, then, did they?

They didn’t really know about our heart, our resilience, our dedication and our
passion, but I’m sure everyone does now. We are Tenfootcity. We are Five. Happy
Fuckin’ Birthday to us! …(Pipe? Smoked?)

Now, it’s time to change. Back to basics. Back to the original ideologies. Time to start standing up again. Times are changing, once again, and independent media like ours should use our (albeit limited) position of influence to start addressing some real stuff once again. Yeah, of course this magazine will always tell you about the latest restaurants, bars, theatres, music venues, fashion-shops and hair-salons ..whatever…. that’s what we’re here for, to reflect the city and highlight its
Creativity, Entertainment and Enterprise. But herein lies the problem! The way
things are going right now, with the idiots and glove-puppets we have occupying the central government chambers and the lackeys we have “running” our local council…there’s a good possibility that each of the above fields in our TFC slogan of intent, will be destroyed. (And not just in Hull obviously.) Creativity will be stunted and unsupported, Entertainment will dwindle due to people not being able to pay to go out or see performances and, of course, all independent Enterprise will suffer. The recession was a sad enough, slap-stick circus of capitalism, tripping itself up and sticking its face into bowls of bankers’ egg-custards, in the first place, but now
they’ve actually brought in the expert clowns for a sick encore of national poverty and degradation.

So, what do we do, in times like these? Well, you may not be old enough to remember the early-eighties, so I’ll tell you what we do! YOU STOP TAKING THE SHIT AND YOU TAKE TO THE STREETS. SIMPLE AS. WE NEED TO FORCE SOME CHANGE! Some people may say that’s a bad attitude in a “democratic” country… well the only obvious answer to that is; This is NOT a democratic country! (Are there any, anyway?) They just push us to a point where it all starts to get too much and then we naturally (and automatically) revert to the only power we have left. People Power and THAT (BELIEVE ME) IS THE ONLY TRUE DEMOCRACY!

So, it’s our 5th Birthday and we’re very happy about that, as I’m sure most of you
reading this are, so have a little celebratory drink for us please and stay loyal to
Tenfootcity. Enjoy, the magazine, we still hope to highlight the things mentioned
above that keep this city ticking and provide you with a bit of entertainment at the
same time, but expect a little important change in our attitude over the coming
issues. Keep grinning y’all. (But only through gritted teeth of course!)

Nick Taylos