Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City – Autumn 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to the Tenfootcity Autumn issue 2012. This should have been out a few weeks ago, as you all probably expected, but it’s not the usual excuses of waiting for editorial material and advertising, it’s all a lot more personal this time. Even though we have a team of about twelve people, as the Editor of the magazine, I’m the one who has to pull it all together and unfortunately I lost my Mam a short while ago and it took about a month out of my life. I’m not ashamed, or embarrassed, to make this public and to tell you all about it, because, having independent media in our own hands, means I can take this opportunity to pay some respect to my Mam and give a bit of a tribute to her in our very own publication.

My mother was born in the early 1930’s, Vera Williams, to an officer in the Merchant Navy (a proud Welshman) and his missus, a lovely Irish House-wife, Mary Ann. (My Grandma and Grandad of course.)

She survived the war, as a child, in local air-raid shelters, because they refused to
evacuate her. The city was flattened around them, but they survived. Luckily for me and my brother and sister that is, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this now! My Dad Ken (who I lost last year) was fighting the Japanese in the Burmese jungle and, of course, he also managed to survive, so she became Mrs. Taylor soon after the war. My Mam and Dad unfortunately divorced when I was a young boy, in the early seventies, and she later became Mrs. Lancaster. All of you that love your Mam to bits will understand where I’m coming from right now, but I just want to tell you all that she really was the greatest woman that has ever lived, in my eyes.

As the youngest of three children I was always the baby of the family and she looked after me so well, even through the hard times as a single parent, right through into my forties, when she still used to come round, clean my house and cook me meals cos I was a typical single lad and she probably thought I couldn’t look after myself! She was proper old school my Mam. When I was younger she would go without everything to make sure that I was brought up well and properly educated. She is the most loving and selfless person that I have ever known and she would always do everything for everyone else, without ever really thinking of herself. She was a tough, strong woman but she was also very intelligent and had a great sense of humour. The greatest gifts I gave her, to say thank you for everything she’d done for me, were two little grandsons who she’s luckily enjoyed 8 great years with, in the later stages of her life. She absolutely adored them and I’m so proud that she spent this time with them and experienced that happiness of being a Grandma again, before she left us. Thanks for everything Mam,
we’ll never stop thinking about you and will always love you. R.I.P. Mam.

And now, even though it’s been a hard time for me, you all know.. (because we all
experience times like these in our lives – it’s not just me of course)… that life has to go on, so we just have to pull ourselves together don’t we? And do you know what, just as this magazine is coming out, both of my boys are now 8 years old, right at the same moment, yet they’re not twins and they’re both mine, with the same Mum. How weird is that? Try and work it out for yourselves! Anyway, as a team, we finally got it together again, so enjoy this latest issue of TFC that celebrates everything about the creativity and resilience of the people of Hull. As soon as you read this we’ll be badgering away to get another issue out to promote Christmas and New Year in Hull. (We have to… ‘cos we’re all skint now!) Typical innit? You wait ages for a Tenfootcity to arrive and then…