Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City – Autumn 2011

Hey, we’re really big in Hull y’know! We’ve been running successfully for five and half years now and just about anyone who gets out and about in Hull, for whatever reason, has heard of Tenfootcity!

We know this cos everyone we meet, or talk to, says “Oh yeah, Tenfootcity, I like
that magazine, I always pick it up when I see it.”
Great innit, we’re established as part of the folk-lore of this city and we’re gonna
continue forever! (Just need to get some younger members on board now, who can
run it in the future! – Maybe my kids might take over one day, but they’re only six and seven at the moment. But yeah, it sounds good that; Tenfootcity & Sons.)

Anyway, some of our younger members of the team were pestering us to have some sort of on-line presence (we’ve always had a website, but never did anything with it – it didn‘t really do us any good)… but now, cos we’ve got a great designer on board, all copies of the magazine can now be viewed on-line, as full-screen, page-turning versions. I must admit I’m impressed with it and I have to accept that that will be the future of the magazine. We’ll put the website back up shortly to link directly to this (www.tenfootcity.com) but in the meantime, if you want to see the last three issues of the magazine on-line just go directly to http://issuu.com/atomluft/docs/summer_2011_tfc_issuu. It’s really great!

Also, they also pressed us into the Facebook thing, which I personally have always
been reticent about. I’m ‘Old Skool’ so if I want to communicate with my friends I just
ring them up or speak to them face-to-face, but having been persuaded, I must admit I’m also impressed with FB now, in terms of being able to spread publicity to lots of people all at once. It is really quite good actually. (The Dinosaur has turned!)

So, now you can come and be an official “FRIEND” of Tenfootcity, as we’re trying to
collect all of our readers into one place. Just go to “NICK TENFOOTCITY TAYLOR” and be our friend! (We only put it up a few months ago and we’ve already got 1,500 of you all together.)

Also go to the official business page “TENFOOTCITY MAGAZINE HULL“ and LIKE us, then, in the future, all issues of the on-line Tenfootcity Magazine will be made available to you, to read on your screen.
Great this Modern Technology innit? Just probably need to start twittering now!

Anyway, onto this new issue. Sorry for the slight delay but we had a lot of things to
sort out this Summer and it knocked us back on the schedule a bit. Anyway, we’re here now – which is why you’re reading this. This issue is important because it welcomes a lot of new students into the city (as well as the returning ones).. so “hi“ to you lot…this magazine comes directly from the street and keeps you in tune with
everything that is happening and available to you in this beautiful and intelligent city. (Don’t believe all the shit you read about us – otherwise we’ll come round and kill yer!)

As well as having a laugh as usual, in this issue we also address a couple of other
serious issues that have been affecting all of our lives, so some of that should either wind you up, or make you laugh. Enjoy it and contact us if you feel the need.