The Good Property Guide – November / December 2014

You should look upon this year end edition of the Good Property Guide as a luxurious international Christmas cake containing many wonderful ingredients. There’s the fruit of Sting’s Tuscan estate mixed lovingly with Caribbean holiday season spice, magical Cypriot essence blended with the sweetness of Spanish sunshine, glorious Greek goodness intermingled with true Turkish delight, Dazzling Dutch flair and Portugese perfection fortified by the best French Cognac.

The icing on our cake comes from the ski slopes of Switzerland and the French Alps with added decoration in the form of wonderful West Virginian model properties, and magnificent Mauritian colour. There’s a touch of Maltese Hollywood glitz thrown on top just for good measure, all wrapped in luscious London real estate and Omani opulence.

I was delighted our own PR and Events Company was asked to manage a wonderful presentation at ‘Lords’ the home of cricket back in late September on behalf of Vue International, specialists in Florida investment property. We have both a special report in the magazine and an engaging look at opportunities in the exciting sunshine state.

Its been a delight to catch up with one of Haute Cuisine’s finest innovators in the enigmatic Michel Roux JR, who gives us a glimpse into the world of a Michelin Chef. Readers also have the chance to win a copy of his superb French recipe book.

You’ll discover country estates don’t come much better than Chatsworth in Derbyshire in a special Good Property Guide feature, complete with an Alice in Wonderland Christmas adventure.
We reveal where President Obama has been spending his own Christmas holidays and you’ll learn more about fractional ownership and why we have designs on one of the properties of the year.

And for those who’d love a magical Christmas break here in Blighty, we place a special focus on charismatic Cornwall including a very exciting event. Add this to all the latest property and global news and your year end feast of enjoyment is complete.

In fact, we think you’ll find our last edition of 2014 a fantastic read, so wherever you are on the planet and whatever the next couple of months has in store, on behalf of everyone at The Good Property Guide, have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a great 2015.

The Good Property Guide – May/June – 2014


Spring is in full florid flow as we swing into May. The sun might not always shine on us here in the UK, but our countryside is wild with shaggy greenery now and the skies are already light late into the evening.

June, of course, will see the start of the main holiday season, and many of you will be jetting off to bask in the heat somewhere. Sunshine is one of the main reasons we Brits look to buy a home abroad, and for many of you this summer’s holiday will double-up as a property-viewing trip.

With economies stabilizing and property prices in many places still low thanks to the recent recession, now is a very good time to be looking to buy abroad.

In this issue, as always, we advise you on the property markets of many different parts of the world – from Florida and the Caribbean to all sorts of European favourites to exotic faraway Mauritius.

There’s a world of property choices for you out there, and we will help you to identify the best one for you. Meanwhile, armchair travellers will relish the pages of The Good Travel Guide at the end of the magazine, where we frolic in Cyprus, walk across Spain, and
let our hair down in Brighton.

Enjoy! And see you next time.

Rita Karia-Hopkins
The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – March 2014

It’s been a soggy old time for much of the UK recently, with near-endless rain and terrible floods affecting some unlucky areas. But dare we say that springtime and drier weather seem to have arrived at last? We don’t want to jinx things with our optimism, but it does feel like sunnier days are now here to stay.

The flowers are out, and people have a noticeable spring in their step. Many of you choose this point of the year to start searching for a home to buy abroad. And time is really on your side at the moment too, with the pound strong against the euro, and many sunny countries seeing some of their best-value property prices for a long time.

Economies are improving, so prices are unlikely to sink further, and the overall outlook seems positive. It’s a great time to buy.

In this issue we look at a wide range of enticing locations for holiday homes and investment properties – from Croatia to the Caribbean, Spain to the Cyclades, southern France to Florida. We also climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius, to entertain you with a bit of an armchair-travel. Enjoy this issue, and see you next time!

Rita Karia-Hopkins
The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – January / February 2014

Happy new year! January and February are rarely the best months in the British calendar, with cold rain and grey days dampening the spirits, but with 2014 expected to see further improvements in the British economy, we ought to keep a sunny outlook.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a holiday home abroad, make this the year that you do it. And if you’re wondering where might be a good place to invest, well, we have plenty of ideas for you in this issue of the magazine.

Spain is a perennial favourite with Brits, and prices there are extremely favourable right now. Or perhaps you love the romance of islands; we look at several of the Mediterranean’s best in this issue: Malta, Crete, Cyprus and Sardinia – all excellent places to buy a home. Dedicated investors, meanwhile, should definitely take a look at our feature on Istanbul, currently a very hot property ticket.

With winter gloom outside, we think you’re likely to enjoy a spot of armchair travelling. At the end of the magazine you’ll find a lyrical look at New York, and an homage to France – still the world’s most visited country. Then, of course, a focus on romantic UK
hotels, because Valentine’s Day is on its way. Enjoy!

And see you next time.

Rita Karia-Hopkins
The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – November / December 2013

Brisk autumn days are upon us now and winter isn’t too far away. Time to dig out scarves and hats, skis and skates – or bikinis and sun-hats if you’re beating a retreat to tropic climes. Owners of holiday homes abroad know all about dodging undesirable weather and temperatures by simply going somewhere else!

Climate is a big issue in the financial world too, of course. And while the financial climate is finally beginning to improve in many countries we know and love, property prices remain very low and the time to secure a great bargain is right now, before prices start rising again. In this issue we look at the tremendous value-for-money currently offered in Spain and in Greece.

We also look at Italy, where the famously stable property market has been relatively unaffected by wobbles in the national economy, and we pinpoint where you can save money in the muchloved region of Tuscany. Not all winter travelling involves chasing the sun, of course, and we’ve got some great travel stories to celebrate the cold season at the end of the magazine.

Fleur Kinson describes her adventures long-distance ice-skating through Finland’s beautiful lakelands, and she also wanders an uncrowded Venice at that city’s most fitting point of the year. Martin Jansson, meanwhile, sniffs out all sorts of Christmassy fun in Cornwall and Devon. Enjoy!

And see you next time.
Rita Karia-Hopkins
The Good Property Guide