Pet Talk Magazine

Pet Talk Magazine – Issue 1

Whether you own a cat or dog; ride a horse; have a rabbit, guinea-pig or hamster; look after a parrot or budgerigar; keep fish and exotics: or you simply just like animals, then Pet Talk is the magazine for you. This quality compact A5 16-page full colour bi-monthly publication contains articles and features on all types of pets and animals; handy tips and useful information on pet care; news, views and other items of interest.

Regular items are included on canine and feline care; equine matters; small animals; caged and wild bird care, plus fish keeping and exotics. In addition, the magazine takes a regular look at the world of animal rescue, both the people and the animals; with advice on all aspects of re-homing an animal. There is also information and reviews on all those essential pet products and services, plus some great giveaways and free to enter Readers Competitions.

Aimed at pet owners and animal lovers alike, Pet Talk fills the “gap” in the free magazine market by providing a quality magazine that is both informative and entertaining. Available FREE from selected pet shops, vets and animal rescue centres.