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Mums The Word September / October 2013

Happy ‘Back to School’ month!

The school holidays are such a mixed bag aren’t they?
We love our children to bits (most of the time anyway!) so the extra time we gain with them through the summer is fantastic but 6 weeks is a long time to occupy them and juggle childcare!

So it’s with a sneaky little sigh of relief that we pack them back off to school in September longing for the semblance of routine we try frantically to create in our busy modern household.

Good Luck to all the ‘fledgling school mums’ out there too. It all seems quite daunting at first trying to get little ones out of bed, birds nest hair looking tidy and then breakfasted and out of the house without the compulsory 55000 ‘hurry
ups’ that possibly accompany the first couple of years of school runs – don’t worry it does get easier – by the time they are in 6th form!

What is funny though is that you always think everyone else is more organised, has tidier cars, more organised houses and children more inclined to co-operate with the school run chaos. The secret though is that they’re not!

We’re all juggling too many balls, forgetting lunch boxes and book bags and all of our children lose all manner of things between school and home so take a deep breath and get used to joining the queue for the lost property bag yet again in search of yet another school jumper or driving back to school afterwards to drop off their lunch!

So on that note welcome to another Mum’s the Word – this month has the back to school theme through it and the centre page calendar for you to take out and put in your kitchen – I must have spent hours on google while my daughter was at primary school searching for when the next school holiday was so if I can help you with just this one thing then mission accomplished!

As always please take a good look at what’s inside and try and support the local businesses out there – there are some great activities for the children or whole family on our doorsteps so I hope you get a chance to enjoy them.

Get in touch with any requests you may have that I can help you out with – just drop me an email – it’s lovely to hear from you all and I even just get ‘hello’s’ from some of you now which is great so feel free to let me know what you want to see in the magazines and I hope you have another great month mums!

See you next month with more half term suggestions and ideas for that wicked time of year – Halloween…. ooooh spooky!


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