Love NE Magazine

Love NE Magazine – Issue Two


Well this was 2013!
the recession, the doom the gloom, but despite all that some of us started new
ventures, new love affairs, had new babies. Some of you even expanded your businesses!

And now here we are with a brand new bright shiny year on the horizon. It’s a great comfort to know that while the monster that is the Internet forges ahead, huge companies like Tesco have seen fit to OPEN clothing retail outlets. It just goes to show that
while the Internet is a great tool, it can never replace a day out shopping with
your pals having a meal, or a drink and laughing at each other while trying on
some new clothes. Or holding an actual magazine in your
hands and smelling, yes smelling that newness.

Music, yes music works on the Internet, you can certainly feel it, but you could never touch or smell it?

(Well maybe in some of the places we have spent our weekends) but that’s another story for another day. For now suffice to say, congratulations to all of you brave
ones with the foresight to realise that 2013 wasn’t going to be easy but wasn’t exactly Armageddon!

A very merry Christmas to all of you! 2014? SOUNDS good to me!!

Best Wishes and Never Ending LOVE to one and all