Love NE Magazine

Love NE – Issue One

There’s nothing like your first love. It’s just as they say, you never really recover from it, no matter how good or how torturous, it is, and there have been many
torturous days at the studio, when I think, we thought this day might never come.

Days when I’m sure, that at times Aidy, my long-suffering designer of AM Digital Media, the incredibly talented photographer that is Eric Murphy and the ‘cool in a crisis’ owner of Boho models, the lovely Alisia would gladly have got together and buried me in a shallow grave.

So where has the love come from?
Mine, at first glance, might seem an unexpected choice, especially around here.

It has come from arriving by train, to Newcastle across the Tyne and seeing what has been achieved there, a far cry from the wasteland that was, when I
left here in the eighties, or the view of Durham cathedral and castle from the
station, Or Sunderland with the Winter gardens and surprisingly beautiful
park, the city that is home of many of my dearest friends.

And NE Love? It is, a hybrid of colliding worlds and images: that proudly point
out, music culture; art and fashion;from all over the North East, It is a
magazine born of, and in a time where technology has never made it easier
and more exciting to tell a story.