Dispensing Highlights – September / October 2014

Our September/October 2014 edition of Dispensing Highlights magazine is packed with news and features for dispensing doctors’ practices and staff.

How might the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive affect dispensers? Different industry experts give us their view in our in-depth feature on pages 6-9.

In a new occasional series highlighting different therapy areas, we’re focusing this time on Women’s Health.

Menopause mentor Kathryn Colas explains more about relieving the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (pages 11-12).

Our Prescribing Trends feature on pages 18-19 focuses on how you’re spending your budget on diabetes agents. And we’ve got the latest updates from NICE, news on drug supply shortages and legislation changes, MHRA drug safety updates and recalls, together with BNF Sub Paragraphs and Category M analyses to help dispensing doctors relieve the financial burden of the NHS while
maintaining revenue and improving patient outcomes.  Plus we’re featuring a range of special offers and promotions available via the prescribing.org portal –see pages 42-45 for a comprehensive user guide to how your surgery can achieve a huge range of discounts.

We’ll be at the DDA 2014 Conference in October. Look forward to seeing you there!