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Cheltenham Borough Homes – My Move

Thinking of moving home?

Many tenants find over time, that their property no longer meets their needs.Gardens can become difficult to cope with, and moving to somewhere smaller could reduce your bills. If you choose sheltered accommodation (for those over 60), you will have peace of mind as you get older.

Will the Welfare Benefit changes affect you?

If you have a spare bedroom, are of working age, and claim housing benefit then the amount housing benefit pay towards your rent will be reduced from April 2013.

Tenants are expected to make up this shortfall to cover the total cost of the rent. Moving to an appropriate sized property could mean you do not have your housing benefit entitlement reduced.  Whatever your reasons, if you want to move home there are several ways you can do this.

How can CBH help you?

My Move

Cheltenham Borough Homes has launched the My Move scheme to assist
tenants who need to move to somewhere smaller. Telephone your Housing
Officer for a visit and an application form.

A mutual exchange via Homeswapper may be the best way to swap into the right property for you. Other swapping websites exist online but CBH has membership of Homeswapper so the service is free to our tenants.  You can apply to Gloucestershire Homeseeker to consider all the available  social housing in the county.  You may need to consider private rented property if there is no, or little,
social housing in the area you want to move to.