Isbourne Holistics Centre

Cheltenham based Holistics centre attracting a U.K following since 1995. Offering everything from Yoga, Stress Solutions and NLP, to Meditation, Astrology and Belly Dancing. Their practitioners are fully trained and able to teach at most levels from the Centres training and treatment rooms

Isbourne Holistic Centre – Spring 2015

Dear Friends

The coming term of Spring – a shorter term that runs from January to March 2015 – presents an exciting range of classes and courses, sprinkled with Guest Speaker events and one-off workshops.

Naturally we have some great guest speakers, such as Lynne McTaggart, author of the magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, who I am delighted to say is back with us, this time to speak about current spiritual revolution and organised evolutionary change. Find out how to become a mouse that roars! Lynne is an inspirational and empowering speaker, so don’t miss
this opportunity.

Hay House Author Andrea Gardner speaks about how to change your world by changing your words – what stories do you tell about yourself? Her viral YouTube video The Power of Words has inspired millions of people. Also from Hay House, Charlotte Watts will be helping us to de-stress, by explaining the links between stress and disease, and providing realistic ideas for change using nutrition and mindfulness.

Judy Hall the well-known author, crystal expert and psychic healer tells us how to work with karma and create the future we want right now.

Our famous Taster Week (5th-11th January) is showcase time – a whole week of free events for you
to savour and sample, and a great way of finding out if a course suits you. You can talk to the tutor and find out how long it takes to get to the Isbourne before committing – but if you do, 10% discount awaits!

So many events we offer can help you transform your life for the better. You could plan your year
ahead by making a mandala; a collage of images to illustrate your aspirations, bringing vision and magic to your manifestations! To help you make those New Year decisions, you could learn focusing – a way of listening intently to how your body feels about certain situations, because without your head interfering your body usually knows what you need and which situations are unhealthy. If you know about NLP, you will understand how sessions can enable you to make
better life decisions and feel more in control.

Need to find some inner peace? Learn meditation, healing or Reiki. Want to create harmony between body and mind? Try Tai Chi, Yoga, or sound healing with the voice. Starting a new business? On a very practical level, if you want to get to grips with your website we have courses to help to build it, improve it, and market it!

Feeling creative? We offer writing courses, art classes and colour therapy workshops. If you feel the need to get moving while having great fun at the same time, drop into Egyptian Belly Dance or Nia – Joyful Movement classes.

If you are looking to develop yourself on a spiritual level, there is so much to choose from; Mediumship, Psychometry, Angel Alchemy, Personal Transformation: activating self-change, and working with unconditional love in You Have a Superpower! – to name just a few.

Remember, we now have a delightful café at the Centre; why not come and meet your friends for coffee and some of Karen’s wonderful homemade cake? Looking forward to seeing you there,

Janie and the Isbourne Team

NB. Look out for the exciting accredited courses being offered by the Isbourne College
on page 5 and their event on January 30th!

Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme – Winter 2014

“With top authors and speakers from Hay House and Watkins Books, alongside our own excellent in-house trainers and facilitators, we are blessed to be hosting a dazzling array of wellbeing and spiritual events, not to mention the accredited courses at the Isbourne College.

However the longest distance travelled to speak at the Isbourne Centre this year must be by Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan! We are very fortunate to be able to host him again in September, on his trip of only three UK dates, this time at the Pittville Pump Room. His extraordinary work with the effect of consciousness on water and his beautiful water crystal photographs are definitely worth exploring. I advise you to book early as last time he was a sell-out at the Town Hall.

Have you become a Friend Member yet? For those of you that come to the Centre on a regular basis or even just a few occasions you really can save quite a lot of money if you become a Member! A free coffee or tea in our new Café, a free Guest Speaker talk every term and 15% discount off all events of £13.00 or over! (no further discounts on Early Bird Prices)

When were you last here? The new Isbourne Café is just part of the exciting recent renovations on the whole terrace. Visitors and students to the Centre can for come for lunch, tea, snacks and soon, a pre-guest speaker talk light supper! Want a catered event? Talk to us.

Our Open Day this year is on 6th September and kicks off our Taster Week. Do bring friends and family to the fun-filled day of free demos, stands, workshops, talks, dance – with a host of readers, psychics and more! Margrit Coates the animal healer is the main event, for which you need to book, see page 20.

The beautiful Isbourne rooms are gaining popularity as a venue for meetings and room hire. Many organisations and businesses from the NHS to the Chamber of Commerce are hiring space on a regular basis, tempted by the elegant rooms, the town centre setting, and the caring service.

Perhaps you would like a regular discussion meeting room? A one-off dance rehearsal space? A small room for a one-to-one session or therapy?

If you or someone you know needs extra space, especially in the daytime, just give us a call.

Lastly, there is a treasure trove of journeys to be made through this small booklet…

I hope you feel inspired and uplifted as you browse and are moved to help spread the word about how your local centre for self development, wellbeing and spiritual growth is providing so many different events that everyone can find something to ignite a spark!

Love Janie and the Isbourne Team

Isbourne Programme – April-August 2014


Dear Friends

Summer beckons and so far, 2014 has proved to be more uplifting in feel compared to last year – long may it continue!

All the events in this programme are also listed on our website, and most of them can be booked there directly too. It is also where you should check for last minute additions and changes to the programme, especially before beginning a long journey to visit us.

Don’t forget about our super Friend Membership; more and more people are realising the very good value in this scheme; a top free talk every term and 15% off many events throughout the year – just ask to join!

Our Centre Café will be open to students and the public by the time you read this, as is the Isbourne library now, a lovely quiet place to come and browse the amazing selection of books we have received as donations or borrow for a minimal fee.

These books will be listed online too, so if there is a particular title you are looking for you might want to check our library catalogue before buying a new copy!

Bookings: Please pay in advance.
Sadly, we have had to disappoint people who did not book a place but turned up for an event we had to cancel – your booking could be the one to make all the difference!

Dates for your diary: Customers have asked that we remind them of particular events nearer to the time. We are happy to do this with occasional emails, the monthly E-News and the Snapshot but you can also find us in our weekly Gloucestershire Echo column and on Facebook and Twitter regularly.

I want to reassure you that we don’t give out your email address to parties outside the Isbourne Foundation. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the emails or the printed programme delivery at any time.

Some top events this term! In addition to representing our long-standing and much valued
relationship with Hay House and their authors,  I am pleased to also welcome some wonderful speakers from Watkins Publishing. You will find all Guest Speaker events highlighted in purple in the programme.

What to look out for? Judy Hall, Dr. Russell Razzaque, Tim van der Vliet, Tori Hartman,
Richard Rudd, Diana Cooper and Anna Parkinson!

We look forward to seeing you!
Janie and
the Isbourne Team

Isbourne Programme January – April 2014

Welcome to the Isbourne Programme January – April

The aim of the Isbourne Foundation is to Create Positive Lives Through Education

Our Holistic Education programme aims to inspire and support personal development
and increase levels of consciousness, adhering to the following values:

We view healing as a natural process which can be generated through both modern medicine and complementary processes and by raising individual awareness via educational courses and social dialogues for the wellbeing of individuals and the community.

Social Responsibility
We embrace our daily lives with dignity, maintaining respect for ourselves, others and the environment, while upholding a conscientious approach to sustainable living.

We seek to open our hearts to those around us, treating others with consideration, love, generosity and understanding.

Regular connection with our inner world – a space of silence, calm and relaxed awareness – can enhance wellbeing and creativity, generating more harmonious relationships both within ourselves and in the world around us.

The Isbourne embraces all ages, genders, races and creeds, uniting each and everyone in a grand Celebration of Life. As we learn, share and grow together, we create a sense of community, shared purpose and joy.

The Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme – April – August 2013

Dear Friends

The biggest welcome to our long awaited summer of 2013 and all the exciting offerings we have lined up for you here at the Centre!
Looking to provide a wide range of holistic events in Cheltenham for the public, the Isbourne’s aim is to Create Positive Lives through Holistic Education.
We have been making such experiences available to the public for the last ten years, and continue to share information for individual self-development
and personal empowerment.

Our top not-to-be-missed events this term are talks by:
• Sharon Salzberg, one of America’s leading insight meditation teachers and spirituality writers
• Dr. Jude Currivan who is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning author, visionary and educator
• Graham Hancock, ‘Lost Civilisations’ investigator and author
• Michael Neill, the celebrated US life coach with his hot tips for creativity

This is just a snapshot of what is to come between April and August…of course, if you area Friend Member you can get a ticket to one of
these for free, along with 15% off everything else! You will be able to listen to the sharedwisdom of some of the world’s best known
speakers right on your doorstep. We are most fortunate to be able to host them and I am sure you will not want to miss out on the wonderful opportunities for expansion. Being a Registered Charity, we strive to maintain realistic prices that make our services affordable and attractive to everyone.

(PS. ssshhh….Don’t forget to book early to take advantage of the brilliant Early-Bird prices!)

Looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones!

With warmest wishes,
Janie and the Isbourne Team

The Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme January – April 2013

A New Year – A New Holistic Education Programme!

The Isbourne Holistic Centre – a pioneer for Wellbeing and Spiritual Development in the South West of England – unleashes a new programme for Spring 2013 in Cheltenham…

Featuring talks and workshops with Dr Masaru Emoto, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Satish Kumar, Robert Holden, Patrick Holford, Zerbanoo Gifford and many more top holistic teachers

 Here are the highlights: 

•   Taster Week: Try out a wonderfully diverse choice of courses and workshops, for FREE!   There will be Tasters in Yoga, Vibrant Laughter, Meditation, Healing Song, Belly Dance and numerous others giving a foretaste of many of the Isbourne’s diverse holistic offerings.

•   DO NOT MISS!  –  Dr Masuru Emoto from Japan coming to us at  Cheltenham Town Hall on Tuesday 19th March! Dr Emoto is internationally renowned for his work with water crystals, his books researching the Messages from Water, and the Emoto Peace Project in response to the recent Tsunami in Japan. He will explain how the environment and people’s consciousness influence and shape water and how this impacts on the earth, and you’ll be treated to a sneak preview of Dr Emoto’s latest water crystal photographs.

•   Other exciting Guest Speaker events include Marie-Claire Carlyle’s talk ‘How to be a Money Magnet’, a talk and a workshop with ‘Earth Pilgrim’ Satish Kumar sharing his vision for a better world based on the principles of Soul, Soil and Society (Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March), the launch of Robert Holden’s new book Loveability on Monday 4th March, and a talk with legendary author and human rights campaigner Zerbanoo Gifford, winner of the 2006 International Woman of the Year Award.

•   Other names to watch in this term’s programme include Patrick Holford (The Feel Good Factor), Penelope Quest (Human Energy Field), Atasha Fyfe (Past Lives), Ruth White (Yoga), Becky Walsh (Intuition) and Mary Pearson (Meditation).

And a vibrant miscellany of quality Isbourne tutors and therapists will be on hand to guide you towards health and happiness!


The Isbourne Holistic Centre Programme September-December 2012

Welcome to the new term’s listings for September to December 2012!

I hope you enjoy browsing this, our latest programme. We have chosen events that we hope will be helpful, as well as exciting. We have an incredible total of 63 courses and events, 16 different weekly classes and 17 free taster sessions on offer this term!

We are delighted to present Jamie Catto, who is the creative catalyst behind both the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums, and legendary dance mega group Faithless. Also very exciting is the return of leading spiritual teacher Diana Cooper, giving a talk and a workshop in September keeping us abreast of information about global awakening and the birth of a new era from 21.12.2012.

Do remember to book your tickets as an Early Bird for the best prices.

Love, Janie and the Isbourne Team.