The Good Property Guide

The Good Property Guide – September / October 2015

We’ve variety to match the changing colours of autumn in what is another inspiring edition of the Good Property Guide. And it’s not just the season that’s changing as we enter sultry September. Around the planet, incredible new developments and structures are creating magnificent skylines and new lifestyles. We celebrate some of those here.
There are special reports on Cogress – an innovative investment company leading the way with impressive returns, the exciting vineyard market in France and how beautiful Brazil is attracting high numbers of British investors. We discover how you can holiday on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island paradise, and secure an outstanding property opportunity on Grand Cayman. We also delve deeper into a fabulous area of Florida away from the tourist hotspots, highlight top Hawaiian attractions and showcase an altogether different side to New York.

It’s wonderful to have a special recorded delivery from soul singing sensation Lemar, and dig deeper into the green creativity of well-known garden designer Kate Gould. Fans of Inspector Montalbano are in for a Sicilian treat, we provide a glimpse of Roger Federer’s amazing new home on Lake Zurich and reveal how UK actress Liz Hurley has invested wisely in her own property.

Our Spanish offering opens up the way to San Jose, and Sibenik brings back memories of sizzling summer in Croatia. We introduce you to The Queen of the Sea, set sail around Malta, trip the light fantastic in Berlin and chill out in a thrilling Amsterdam hotel. Our special French double act will entertain, Napoleon’s taste in property will fascinate, and the feminine genius around a wonderful UK home will enthral. It’s back to the future for a Starfleet Commander, but not before he shows
off his former base in Belgravia. And we mustn’t forget how you can make capital
gains in London.

You’’ll get the very best investment and financial advice, cutting edge property
and travel news, and our own ticket to see how Cornwall Rocks. In short, we take
you around the world in 84 pages. From all the team at the Good Property Guide,
enjoy your autumnal journey.


The Good Property Guide – May – June 2015

As early summer kicks in here in Blighty The Good Property Guide continues its commentary on the best in luxury investment property, travel and lifestyle.

It was an honour to host two presentation evenings in London recently on all things Cape Verde and the innovative Eden Island Development. Our good friends at the Resort Group PLC, Eden Island Development Company and Savills were all there along with a number of interested investors, ‘provided by our very own Good Events Team’. There’s a special report inside.

We like our celebrities so it was great to catch up with Good Morning Britain’s sparkling Jane Witherspoon who tells all about what it’s like to interview some of the biggest names on the red carpet. Our luxury design feature takes a closer look at the globally feted brilliance of top UK interior designer and Portuguese specialist Carolyn Parker. We showcase her work in the form of footballing legend Gareth Southgate’s impressive Algarve residence.

We jazz up the Bahamas with a little help from Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, and go kite-boarding in angelic Antigua eyeing up the best in property along the way. Our three way trip to the States takes in rivers and Presidents connected to West Virginia, a new star of The Big Apple and a certain Stones concert in Orlando. Join us on a special voyage from Rochefort in France to Boston in America, and with perfect ports in mind we think you’ll love the vibrancy of Valletta. Croatia is charismatic, happening and a perfect place for a second home as you’ll find out.

Majorcas favourite son makes an appearance, it’s all aboard for a Grand Tour of Switzerland and we go on the trail of black diamonds in luscious Le Marche. It’s a privilege to feature those wonderful loggerhead turtles found under Zante skies, and we focus once more on the value to be found in the Cypriot sun.

Midnight in Paris always sounds exciting especially when it involves a combination of Woody Allen and one of the world’s top hotels. All will be revealed in glorious colour.

Closer to home I tell you all about a very special hotel in Harrogate, gem of the North Yorkshire Dales, and we prepare you for a spot of beach polo in wonderful Cornwall. As usual we have all the trending property and travel news, top advice on buying abroad and the usual selection of outstanding investments. So from all the team, here’s to good reading and a fabulous start to summer.


The Good Property Guide – March-April 2015

Whether it be a time of renewal or because winter has gone for another year, almost everyone loves springtime.

Across the planet this changing of seasons will occur at different times, but the message remains the same. Springtime can only help us in our pursuit of happiness. If this magical time exudes mental pictures of fresh hues and new life, you’ll find all of this and more in our latest offering of The Good Property Guide.

It’s the final countdown for some of the world’s best properties attached to the glorious Eden Island development, and we remind readers of what this perfect paradise has to offer. The 19th of March will see us teaming up with the company behind the resort at Savills Head Office in Mayfair.

It doesn’t get more colourful as Antigua welcomes England’s Test cricketers to the Sir Vivian Richard’s stadium for the first time in six years. Fantastic Florida’s investment offerings are literally out of this world when it comes to attractions like the Kennedy Space Centre, and you’ll love our journey to sumptuous Sicily.

With Italian connections in mind The lovely Alex Polizzi takes time out to talk about her fascinating career, and we take a look at 21st century design through the eyes of the enigmatic Celia Sawyer. Joyful James Blunt reveals his love affair with Switzerland, and much loved Billy Connolly sings the praises of glittering Gozo.

As an alternative to springtime in Paris how about the delightful Dordogne? We also ask if sizzling Santorini could have emerged from the legend of Atlantis? We tell you all about the tropical side of Madrid, discover angelic Alicante and revel in the loviness of Lagos in the Western Algarve. And there’s much more with the Brazilian property beat, bracing sea air Dutch style and the bright and beautiful Cape Verde Islands.

The celebrities are out in force to confirm Cornwall as the perfect place for an Easter holiday, and we won’t make a drama out of locating top class accommodation in Dorset and County Durham. We also take a look at the stunning and historic Cragside country house in Northumberland.

Add all of this to the latest property, international and UK travels news and you have our complete springtime bouquet of fascinating features. Wherever you are in the world have a Happy Easter.


The Good Property Guide – January / February 2015

Every passing year brings new hope and fresh dreams for many people around the world, though sadly some individuals will need help from others simply to get from day to day.

It’s always good to put something back which is why we are highlighting Woolly Hat Day and the plight of the homeless. Our good friend Phil Spencer reveals more about this special day on Friday 30th January, and how we can all help change things positively for the future.

There’s an insight into one of the world’s top property companies through the eyes of Sanjay Amin, Director of the BCQS Group based in Barbados, and a look into the life of innovative UK designer Jill Stein.

We sample a little of John Travolta’s ‘jet set’ lifestyle in Florida and an amazing high flying property development. Meanwhile in Europe, The Good Property Guide is given a privileged look at the French vineyard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love with –a definite case of things looking Rose in Provence.

It’s also genuinely thrilling to open the doors on the Indian property investment market with a brief insight into the workings of Bollywood in magnificent Mumbai.

If you fancy escaping to Venice or Valetta, Andalucia or Auvergne, Oman or Orlando or even take in a spot of skiing in Switzerland, this is very much the magazine for you. In fact, we also visit Mauritius, The Caribbean, Seychelles, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and California.

It’s a monumental year for Blenheim Palace here in the UK as one of our greatest Britons Sir Winston Churchill is remembered through three amazing milestones. We invite you to discover more about the place and the man.

You can read all about one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had and just why South Place in the City of London, is a very special place. Staying in the capital we get behind the scenes at the iconic Abbey Road studios and reveal just what property you can buy in NW8.

Lovely Dawn French sings the praises of Cornwall and we focus on a veritable food fest in Falmouth. There’s the usual property and travel news and advice on all manner of properties around the globe.

The team presents variety, colour, warmth and of course hope – what more could you want in our first issue of 2015?


The Good Property Guide – November / December 2014

You should look upon this year end edition of the Good Property Guide as a luxurious international Christmas cake containing many wonderful ingredients. There’s the fruit of Sting’s Tuscan estate mixed lovingly with Caribbean holiday season spice, magical Cypriot essence blended with the sweetness of Spanish sunshine, glorious Greek goodness intermingled with true Turkish delight, Dazzling Dutch flair and Portugese perfection fortified by the best French Cognac.

The icing on our cake comes from the ski slopes of Switzerland and the French Alps with added decoration in the form of wonderful West Virginian model properties, and magnificent Mauritian colour. There’s a touch of Maltese Hollywood glitz thrown on top just for good measure, all wrapped in luscious London real estate and Omani opulence.

I was delighted our own PR and Events Company was asked to manage a wonderful presentation at ‘Lords’ the home of cricket back in late September on behalf of Vue International, specialists in Florida investment property. We have both a special report in the magazine and an engaging look at opportunities in the exciting sunshine state.

Its been a delight to catch up with one of Haute Cuisine’s finest innovators in the enigmatic Michel Roux JR, who gives us a glimpse into the world of a Michelin Chef. Readers also have the chance to win a copy of his superb French recipe book.

You’ll discover country estates don’t come much better than Chatsworth in Derbyshire in a special Good Property Guide feature, complete with an Alice in Wonderland Christmas adventure.
We reveal where President Obama has been spending his own Christmas holidays and you’ll learn more about fractional ownership and why we have designs on one of the properties of the year.

And for those who’d love a magical Christmas break here in Blighty, we place a special focus on charismatic Cornwall including a very exciting event. Add this to all the latest property and global news and your year end feast of enjoyment is complete.

In fact, we think you’ll find our last edition of 2014 a fantastic read, so wherever you are on the planet and whatever the next couple of months has in store, on behalf of everyone at The Good Property Guide, have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a great 2015.