Ten Foot City Magazine

Ten Foot City Magazine – Summer 2013

Summer in the City of Love – well it’s supposed to be Summer anyway, hopefully it’ll have brightened up by the time you read this, considering all of the Summer events and Festivals that we’ve got going on in Hull this year. Just flick through these pages and you’ll see what I mean. Our City is really vibrant and creative, which is one of the main reasons why this magazine actually exists! There is so much going on here, it’s incredible and we should all be really proud of ourselves. Never let anyone tell you that Hull is “dull” or “boring” – because they are either just local moaners or people who haven’t got a clue about our brilliant city. Just show them a copy of this magazine and they’d be amazed at how much is really going on. (More on the Folk Festival, Yum Food Festival, Humber Street Sesh, Hull Fake Festival, Pearson Park Arts Festival, Freedom Festival, etc, etc…all inside here.) In Hull, we are some of the most innovative, creative and tenacious people of the U.K. and that probably comes from our isolation and our general economy and lifestyle, that meant we all had to grow up just having to cope and having to make ends meet. We just get on with it, don’t we? We’re fighters and “Do-ers” and Tenfootcity is very proud of that fact, which is why we love highlighting everything that you are all DOING!!

Well done to all of you for what you create and well done to all of you that go along and support everything. We are top people in Hull!
And of course, we are also now in the Top League in World Football once again, which (whether you are interested in Football or not) is going to have a MASSIVE effect in terms of the image and perception of the City worldwide – and possibly economically. We can’t overstate how important it is to have Hull City back in the Premier League. We told you all, in the last issue that we would do it, even
though City were faltering at that time, with a load of hard games to end the season with, but we had faith – and it paid off; WE DID IT! (More on this inside…) So, with this massive surge in our profile, coupled with all of the creativity (in all fields) that is currently happening in our City, it can be no surprise that, under the guidance of an excellently positive and passionate campaign team, we’ve managed to make the cut for U.K. City Of Culture in 2017, we’re in the last four now, so everyone has now got to get behind this Bid and constantly shout from the rooftops about HOW GREAT HULL IS! (And more on that inside as well…) In general, things are really happening in Hull again, which should put a smile on most of our faces and hopefully we can all benefit from an upturn in fortunes in the near future. We just need a bit of Summer Sunshine now to help us all along! Enjoy the Summer 2013 issue of Tenfootcity – (7 years we’ve been running now) – and we’ll see you again in September with the Autumn issue. Don’t forget, thanks to our great designer, you can also read Tenfootcity on-line now, (over 15,000 hits on the last issue!) – just use the links on our Facebook pages “Nick Tenfootcity Taylor” (be our ‘Friend’) and also ‘Tenfootcity Magazine Hull.‘ (Like Us!) The Web-Site will be sorted out soon, I promise. (Hee Hee.)

Happy Summer from Tenfootcity!

Ten Foot City Magazine – Spring 2013

Yeah, as usual, you wait ages for us and then we’re back again with a bang. Great issue this, loads of good stuff in it. Sorry that this has been one of our biggest gaps in production since we started the magazine nearly seven years ago. You know the reasons I think. The last issue came out late in November, delayed because of personal reasons which meant it was then basically impossible to do our usual Christmas/New year issue straight after that one … so we’ve been away for over four months. Sorry about that, but you know us by now… we refuse to disappear, and, in fact this year we’re going to go for it and try to make sure we bring one out every two months from now on, cos that’s what we’re supposed to be really; A Bi-Monthly magazine! (You’d never guess.)

Thanks to all of our advertisers who have been patient and have stood by us, because without you lot we wouldn’t be able to produce the magazine at all, so to
those of you who read this magazine try to support all of these independent advertisers because they’re the places that make Hull the city it is today. We all
need each other.

We’re looking forward to a good year for Hull actually. Hopefully, anyway. The two most important things that could happen are; 1) That we finally get an
announcement that the Siemens Wind Turbine plant is going to go ahead and; 2) that Hull City make it back into the Premier League. Both of these things will
have massive economic effect on the city and will benefit us all, either directly or indirectly…. and hopefully help us all to lift ourselves from these hard times.

What I’ve always loved about Hull, is that the people are resiliently resourceful and however much of a struggle life is, we tend to just knuckle down and get on with it. Yeah, we can moan a bit in this City, but at the end of the day we never lose our sense of humour and still know how to get out and enjoy yourselves, even if we haven’t got as much to spend as we used to have!

I suppose we could call this our early-Spring issue and I haven’t got a clue what will be on the cover, because that’s the domain of our incredibly talented designers Anna Bean and Martin Lewsley. We just leave it to them to come up with something and then you can always expect that I‘ll probably want to spoil it with
some sweeping statement at the last minute! So, this issue covers April and May (Jan, Feb and March have been confined to the bin of meaningless history) and
then we’ll get the next one produced for the end of May… and then bi-monthly thereafter.

Finally just as we were producing this issue, we received the news that Norman Collier had moved on to the footlights in the sky, so we’d like to dedicate this
issue to him and everything he ever did, as a comedian, for the reputation of the City of Hull. He was very proud to let people know where he was from and he
showed the rest of the country what a funny set of buggers we really are around here. So, R.I.P. Norman.

Ten Foot City – Autumn 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to the Tenfootcity Autumn issue 2012. This should have been out a few weeks ago, as you all probably expected, but it’s not the usual excuses of waiting for editorial material and advertising, it’s all a lot more personal this time. Even though we have a team of about twelve people, as the Editor of the magazine, I’m the one who has to pull it all together and unfortunately I lost my Mam a short while ago and it took about a month out of my life. I’m not ashamed, or embarrassed, to make this public and to tell you all about it, because, having independent media in our own hands, means I can take this opportunity to pay some respect to my Mam and give a bit of a tribute to her in our very own publication.

My mother was born in the early 1930’s, Vera Williams, to an officer in the Merchant Navy (a proud Welshman) and his missus, a lovely Irish House-wife, Mary Ann. (My Grandma and Grandad of course.)

She survived the war, as a child, in local air-raid shelters, because they refused to
evacuate her. The city was flattened around them, but they survived. Luckily for me and my brother and sister that is, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this now! My Dad Ken (who I lost last year) was fighting the Japanese in the Burmese jungle and, of course, he also managed to survive, so she became Mrs. Taylor soon after the war. My Mam and Dad unfortunately divorced when I was a young boy, in the early seventies, and she later became Mrs. Lancaster. All of you that love your Mam to bits will understand where I’m coming from right now, but I just want to tell you all that she really was the greatest woman that has ever lived, in my eyes.

As the youngest of three children I was always the baby of the family and she looked after me so well, even through the hard times as a single parent, right through into my forties, when she still used to come round, clean my house and cook me meals cos I was a typical single lad and she probably thought I couldn’t look after myself! She was proper old school my Mam. When I was younger she would go without everything to make sure that I was brought up well and properly educated. She is the most loving and selfless person that I have ever known and she would always do everything for everyone else, without ever really thinking of herself. She was a tough, strong woman but she was also very intelligent and had a great sense of humour. The greatest gifts I gave her, to say thank you for everything she’d done for me, were two little grandsons who she’s luckily enjoyed 8 great years with, in the later stages of her life. She absolutely adored them and I’m so proud that she spent this time with them and experienced that happiness of being a Grandma again, before she left us. Thanks for everything Mam,
we’ll never stop thinking about you and will always love you. R.I.P. Mam.

And now, even though it’s been a hard time for me, you all know.. (because we all
experience times like these in our lives – it’s not just me of course)… that life has to go on, so we just have to pull ourselves together don’t we? And do you know what, just as this magazine is coming out, both of my boys are now 8 years old, right at the same moment, yet they’re not twins and they’re both mine, with the same Mum. How weird is that? Try and work it out for yourselves! Anyway, as a team, we finally got it together again, so enjoy this latest issue of TFC that celebrates everything about the creativity and resilience of the people of Hull. As soon as you read this we’ll be badgering away to get another issue out to promote Christmas and New Year in Hull. (We have to… ‘cos we’re all skint now!) Typical innit? You wait ages for a Tenfootcity to arrive and then…

Ten Foot City – Summer 2012

Well. Summer comes back around quickly doesn’t it? Well, we say exactly the
same thing when it’s Easter, Christmas, our Birthdays, or whatever… we’re
daft really, aren’t we, because they all come around at exactly the same pace!
Anyway, Hi, we’re here again but slightly delayed as usual, but that’s the
nature of independent media. You’ve heard it all from me before, so I’m not
going bore you with all the reasons once again. You know how it is. Suffice to say, you’re holding this now and you’re reading it, so we’ve done our job, managed to get it out on the streets and here it is, the Summer issue of Tenfootcity! As usual, there’s loads of good stuff in here which should interest just about everyone in some way. Loads of information on new ideas, coming events, great places to check out and some other funny and entertaining stuff, as well as the usual opinionated shite that our writers gurgitate for you.

As we produce this, it looks like England are going to shock us all and do well in the
European Championships – so that’ll be a nice turn-up for the books. I just hope we beat boring Spain if we get to play them, but the Germans look the best to me at the moment. Then we’ve got the Olympics to think about haven’t we. Is it ours, or is it London’s? I can’t quite work it out. I know they carried the torch through the whole country (I’m surprised they even remembered us)… but when it did come here, we had to keep it burning by constantly topping-up our gas cards, cos that’s the only way they’d allow it to come through Hull! Be summat to watch anyway won’t it, with all those people jumping, swimming, cycling, running and walking really, (ridiculously), fuckin’ fast. Good entertainment with a glass of wine or can
of super strength and a joint. (And that’s just my Mam.)

Me? I’m off. Got a holiday booked in Outer Mongolia. Just me, fuckin’ off on me own for a bit of peace. Five star Yurt and two gorgeous Yaks lined-up. Can’t go wrong. All inclusive goats milk as well. Gonna contemplate life and think about next season.

Chaaars, y’all. TFC Editor

Ten Foot City – Spring 2012

“We appear when we want… we appear when want…..
WE ARE TENFOOTCITY and we appear when we want!”

Nice little ditty to start to you off with, there. (If you’re not a football fan, you sing it to the tune ofSloop John B. “I want to go home” etc.”)So, have you missed us? Go on, be honest. You have, haven’t you? Yes, thought so! You know you have! Because you love us don’t yer! And that’s okay, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because, do y’know what; …. we love you too! We’re all from Hull aren’t we? You’re one of our own.
Anyway, we’re back, so… er, Hi! Nice to see you again. I know some of you probably thought we’d disappeared again, but (and it’s getting tedious explaining this every year)… we always take a break early in the year because January doesn’t really exist in advertising and marketing terms, meaning we don’t have enough money to pay for a February issue. Hence the reason we wait until March to get up and running again. But trust us, we will always be back, like a faithful little puppy, just as we prove every year. (Six years and running now.) Luckily we make enough money out of this magazine, during the rest of the year, to take the team (around 12 of us) on a three-week January break to the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, for a team-bonding holiday, do some jungle challenges and to get totally inebriated. So that was good. It beats going to see our advertisers and reading thousands of e-mails anyway!

So, SPRING IS IN THE AIR, (as our latest Cover by Anna Bean and Martin L.) elucidates so brilliantly. (Yet bizarrely disturbing as usual!) Yeah, things are starting to happen ‘round these parts again and this issue of Tenfootcity is full of it, of course. Loads of great stuff, news and comments inside here, but you don’t need me to spell it all out on this page, just go and have a look around. Be part of it all yourself, by checking out and supporting all of the places or events that appeal to you and help to keep the wheels of Hull and East Yorkshire turning. (No bastard’s gonna do it for us y’know – well not until Siemens get here anyway!!)

Have a nice Easter Egg, enjoy the Spring Sunshine and we’ll see you all again at the end of May. Love, The Editor.

MISSED A COPY OF TENFOOTCITY? Because copies of Tenfootcity get picked-up so quickly, we get a lot of e-mails asking us where they can still get hold of a copy. So here’s little tip…. if you’ve ever missed out, just ask at the Tourist information Office, to the right of the City Hall (Victoria Square) because they have a spare box-full under the counter – but you have to ask, because they’re not on public display due to some of the content!

We’ll also start a subscription scheme soon and don’t forget you can now view issues on-line by going to: www.tenfootcity.co.uk or through facebook pages NICK TENFOOTCITY TAYLOR or TENFOOTCITY MAGAZINE HULL (Just click on the provided links.) But don’t forget to be our “FRIEND” and “LIKE” us… then you’ll always have new issues available to you, directly to your screen!

Ten Foot City Magazine – Christmas New Year 2011

The Editor decided to delegate the intro to me this issue and the only brief he gave me was to “make it festive.” So here’s something I made for you earlier. It’s a Christmas game that all the family can play, and then you all vote for the best… winner get’s a poke in the mince pie.

It’s always about this time of year, when I hear those bleedin’ pesky first ‘Carolers of
Christmas‘ come wailing outside my window, that my thoughts return to my schooldays and a friend I knew who thought that ‘Silent Night’ contained the words “‘round John virgin”. This daft lad, obviously, not only believed there was a geezer with the surname ‘Virgin‘ present at Christ’s birth, but that he was also a right lardy-arse twat! So, over the years I’ve come to accept that children, with their open-minded interpretations and lateral thinking, are fantastically funny at getting the words to songs, wrong.

However, mishearing lyrics is not something that is restricted to the young and more naïve. The phenomena is, in fact, so prevalent amongst the English population, (in particular apparently) that it actually has its own dictionary name.

The act of mishearing lyrics is known as a “Mondegreen.“ The word was coined after writer, Sylvia Wright, heard a song and thought someone had “Slayed The Bonny Earl of Murray and Lady Mondegreen“, rather than the correct words
which were ‘Slayed The Bonny Earl of Murray….and laid him on the green’.
So, now you know, that everytime some idiot croons ‘Doughnuts make your brown
eyes blue’, they are actually doing a Mondegreen!

Here then, for your Christmas delectations, are Tenfootcity’s Top Ten mondegreens:

1) ‘The ants are my friends’ (Bob Dylan – Blowing In The Wind)
2) ‘No dogs orgasm in the classroom’ (Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall)
3) ’I got my first real sex dreams’ (Bryan Adams – Summer of 69)
4) ‘Last Night I dreamt of some dago’ (Madonna – La Isle Bonita)
5) ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy’ (Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze)
6) ‘The Girl With Colitis Goes By’ (The Beatles – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)
7) ‘Isreali Men, Hallelulah!’ (Geri Halliwell – It’s Raining Men)
8) ‘Take your pants off and make it happen’ (Irene Carra – Flashdance)
9) ‘Let’s pee in the corner’ (R.E.M. – Losing My religion.)…and finally just to keep it festive…
10) ‘Get dressed ye married gentlemen’ (Traditional Carol)

Ian Farrow.

Ten Foot City – Autumn 2011

Hey, we’re really big in Hull y’know! We’ve been running successfully for five and half years now and just about anyone who gets out and about in Hull, for whatever reason, has heard of Tenfootcity!

We know this cos everyone we meet, or talk to, says “Oh yeah, Tenfootcity, I like
that magazine, I always pick it up when I see it.”
Great innit, we’re established as part of the folk-lore of this city and we’re gonna
continue forever! (Just need to get some younger members on board now, who can
run it in the future! – Maybe my kids might take over one day, but they’re only six and seven at the moment. But yeah, it sounds good that; Tenfootcity & Sons.)

Anyway, some of our younger members of the team were pestering us to have some sort of on-line presence (we’ve always had a website, but never did anything with it – it didn‘t really do us any good)… but now, cos we’ve got a great designer on board, all copies of the magazine can now be viewed on-line, as full-screen, page-turning versions. I must admit I’m impressed with it and I have to accept that that will be the future of the magazine. We’ll put the website back up shortly to link directly to this (www.tenfootcity.com) but in the meantime, if you want to see the last three issues of the magazine on-line just go directly to http://issuu.com/atomluft/docs/summer_2011_tfc_issuu. It’s really great!

Also, they also pressed us into the Facebook thing, which I personally have always
been reticent about. I’m ‘Old Skool’ so if I want to communicate with my friends I just
ring them up or speak to them face-to-face, but having been persuaded, I must admit I’m also impressed with FB now, in terms of being able to spread publicity to lots of people all at once. It is really quite good actually. (The Dinosaur has turned!)

So, now you can come and be an official “FRIEND” of Tenfootcity, as we’re trying to
collect all of our readers into one place. Just go to “NICK TENFOOTCITY TAYLOR” and be our friend! (We only put it up a few months ago and we’ve already got 1,500 of you all together.)

Also go to the official business page “TENFOOTCITY MAGAZINE HULL“ and LIKE us, then, in the future, all issues of the on-line Tenfootcity Magazine will be made available to you, to read on your screen.
Great this Modern Technology innit? Just probably need to start twittering now!

Anyway, onto this new issue. Sorry for the slight delay but we had a lot of things to
sort out this Summer and it knocked us back on the schedule a bit. Anyway, we’re here now – which is why you’re reading this. This issue is important because it welcomes a lot of new students into the city (as well as the returning ones).. so “hi“ to you lot…this magazine comes directly from the street and keeps you in tune with
everything that is happening and available to you in this beautiful and intelligent city. (Don’t believe all the shit you read about us – otherwise we’ll come round and kill yer!)

As well as having a laugh as usual, in this issue we also address a couple of other
serious issues that have been affecting all of our lives, so some of that should either wind you up, or make you laugh. Enjoy it and contact us if you feel the need.



Ten Foot City Magazine – Summer 2011

Well, the sun has been shining
whilst we’ve been putting this
issue together and it’s also
been chucking it down on
occasions. But that’s Home
Sweet Home for you innit?

At our last team meeting, we came up with the idea of “The Summer of Love in Hull 2011“, which has even more connotations for me, as I’ll explain later, but we didn’t have a clue how to represent this slogan on our cover…. and you all know how important our covers are to us at Tenfootcity. They’ve become famous in this city. You know that we like to surprise a bit, shock a bit… or maybe even make you laugh a bit! Or preferably all three of those at once. (In fact we might even make a poster of our best covers one day – yeah, that’s a good idea.)

So, while we were all scratching our heads, our designer Martin decided to get in
touch with famous local photographer Anna Bean, who came up with the solution –
hence the fantastic cover shot that you’ve just seen. I’m not totally enamoured
with the shirts myself cos I’m a football fan and Hull City are ‘Uber Alles‘… but I
get her sentiment and I love it. Saved at the last minute. Cheers Anna. Anyway,
onto our city and what’s happening herein. Even though lots of people are going
away on holidays, or even longer travels, students have gone home and loads of
Hull people are spending evenings and weekends having barbeques and getting
pissed in the garden, amazingly, there’s still a lot going on, as this issue will reveal.
Don’t need to tell you right here, cos you’ll find it all within the pages, but, rest
assured, Hull is still alive and breathing.

Myself? I’ve just had a blokes weekend away with Jon Robson, DJ Sheik, Andy
Palmer and Howard Young. Me, Jon and Howard all took our kids (all lads) Andy
took his dog and DJ Sheik did all the cooking and tidying up! (What a lovely lad he
is.) We were in a log cabin at Keldy in North Yorkshire and my two boys loved
biking through the forest. Good times in life.

Anyway, apart from all that, but still talking ‘bout Love, I’m actually about to get
married in August! (It’s about time – we’ve been together for ten years and our two
boys are six and seven years old!) If you’re a mate of mine, you’ll already know
about this, but if you’re a friend who I haven’t seen for a while, get in touch and I’ll
get you an invite to the Big Party!

Most important thing though, for all of us, in these hard times, is to keep our chins
up, keep believeing in our little corner of the world in East Yorkshire, and… most
importantly, keep loving each other ! Tenfootcity will see you again at the end of
September (or even early October)… I’ve got to sort out my honeymoon
arrangements now. We’ve got a caravan for a week in With.


Ten Foot City Magazine – Easter 2011

We are tenfootcity.
We are five years old.
Happy Birthday to Us.
We are angry.

Angry? Yeah angry. Not because we are a precocious little five
year old kicking our legs and throttling our favourite dolly on
the edge of the pram… but for reasons which will become
apparent throughout this issue.
So, we’ve been around for 5 years and this is our 25th issue, which has certainly
proven all of the usual doubters and cynics, amongst you, emphatically wrong. (They do have a point though, most independent magazines only have a short life-span once economic reality kicks in.) However, they didn’t really know US, then, did they?

They didn’t really know about our heart, our resilience, our dedication and our
passion, but I’m sure everyone does now. We are Tenfootcity. We are Five. Happy
Fuckin’ Birthday to us! …(Pipe? Smoked?)

Now, it’s time to change. Back to basics. Back to the original ideologies. Time to start standing up again. Times are changing, once again, and independent media like ours should use our (albeit limited) position of influence to start addressing some real stuff once again. Yeah, of course this magazine will always tell you about the latest restaurants, bars, theatres, music venues, fashion-shops and hair-salons ..whatever…. that’s what we’re here for, to reflect the city and highlight its
Creativity, Entertainment and Enterprise. But herein lies the problem! The way
things are going right now, with the idiots and glove-puppets we have occupying the central government chambers and the lackeys we have “running” our local council…there’s a good possibility that each of the above fields in our TFC slogan of intent, will be destroyed. (And not just in Hull obviously.) Creativity will be stunted and unsupported, Entertainment will dwindle due to people not being able to pay to go out or see performances and, of course, all independent Enterprise will suffer. The recession was a sad enough, slap-stick circus of capitalism, tripping itself up and sticking its face into bowls of bankers’ egg-custards, in the first place, but now
they’ve actually brought in the expert clowns for a sick encore of national poverty and degradation.

So, what do we do, in times like these? Well, you may not be old enough to remember the early-eighties, so I’ll tell you what we do! YOU STOP TAKING THE SHIT AND YOU TAKE TO THE STREETS. SIMPLE AS. WE NEED TO FORCE SOME CHANGE! Some people may say that’s a bad attitude in a “democratic” country… well the only obvious answer to that is; This is NOT a democratic country! (Are there any, anyway?) They just push us to a point where it all starts to get too much and then we naturally (and automatically) revert to the only power we have left. People Power and THAT (BELIEVE ME) IS THE ONLY TRUE DEMOCRACY!

So, it’s our 5th Birthday and we’re very happy about that, as I’m sure most of you
reading this are, so have a little celebratory drink for us please and stay loyal to
Tenfootcity. Enjoy, the magazine, we still hope to highlight the things mentioned
above that keep this city ticking and provide you with a bit of entertainment at the
same time, but expect a little important change in our attitude over the coming
issues. Keep grinning y’all. (But only through gritted teeth of course!)

Nick Taylos