Pet Talk Magazine

Pet Talk Magazine – Issue 4


At last it’s here, Summer that is, as well as of course the June/July issue of Pet Talk!

We continue with our series of articles courtesy of the Blue Cross and in this issue we take a look at Finding The Right Pet. Quite often the idea of keeping a pet doesn’t fit in with the reality of actually having one and looking after it on a daily basis. The Blue Cross have some pointers to consider before committing yourself.

With the warmer weather now with us, we have some useful advice for dog owners in our Keep Your Canine Pals Cool article.

Reminders of some obvious things to do and some you may not have thought of. We are pleased to launch the new Reptile Section in the magazine and in this issue start off with an article on Thinking Of Getting A Tortoise and some advice on How To Choose Your First Pet Snake.

Once again there is the opportunity to win rabbit and guinea-pig food from Supreme Pet Foods plus we also have the chance to win a superb Litter Locker! Winners will be
announced on the website after the closing date.

Have a good Summer and keep an eye out for the August/September issue of the magazine.

The Pet Talk Team

Pet Talk Magazine – Issue 3

Welcome to our Spring April/May issue and we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter.

This month is National Pet Month which believe it or not is celebrating it’s 25th silver anniversary, with pet lovers across the UK being urged to join the party and raise funds for their favourite pet charities.

This ties in nicely with a great photographic competition from house builder Taylor Wimpey.

We continue with our series of articles courtesy of the Blue Cross on Caring For Your Pet and in this issue the focus is on Hamsters, which are a lot of peoples first introduction to the wonderful world of owning and caring for a pet.

There is some advice and tips on taking your pet on holiday in our And Pets Come
Too article, plus we take a look at the work of the Riverside Animal Centre which cares not only for wildlife, but cats and dogs too.

Once again there is the opportunity to win rabbit and guinea-pig food from Supreme Pet Foods. Winners will be announced in our June/July Summer issue which will include some articles on looking after your pet in the hopefully warmer weather!

The Pet Talk Team

Pet Talk – Issue 2

Welcome to this first issue of 2014 and we take this opportunity to wish you and your pets a Happy New Year.

We continue with our series of articles courtesy of the Blue Cross on Caring For Your Pet Rabbit, which this time takes a look at Housing & Bedding.

Last time we took a look at introducing a new pet to your home and the effects on your existing pets. This time we are looking at how the arrival of a new baby can effect things in pet households with Baby Needn’t Put Dog’s Nose Out Of Joint.

If you are thinking of getting a cat, then you really should read our Choosing The Right Cat feature which has some great advice and things to consider before taking the next step towards getting one.

The National Animal Welfare Trust let us know about their Tails Of The Unexpected campaign which helps all pet owners make care plans for unexpected situations, like the recent floods suffered throughout the UK.

Once again we have the opportunity to win rabbit and guinea-pig food from Supreme Pet Foods.

Look out for our April/May Spring issue which will be out in time for Easter.

The Pet Talk Team

Pet Talk Magazine – Issue 1

Whether you own a cat or dog; ride a horse; have a rabbit, guinea-pig or hamster; look after a parrot or budgerigar; keep fish and exotics: or you simply just like animals, then Pet Talk is the magazine for you. This quality compact A5 16-page full colour bi-monthly publication contains articles and features on all types of pets and animals; handy tips and useful information on pet care; news, views and other items of interest.

Regular items are included on canine and feline care; equine matters; small animals; caged and wild bird care, plus fish keeping and exotics. In addition, the magazine takes a regular look at the world of animal rescue, both the people and the animals; with advice on all aspects of re-homing an animal. There is also information and reviews on all those essential pet products and services, plus some great giveaways and free to enter Readers Competitions.

Aimed at pet owners and animal lovers alike, Pet Talk fills the “gap” in the free magazine market by providing a quality magazine that is both informative and entertaining. Available FREE from selected pet shops, vets and animal rescue centres.