Love NE Magazine

Love NE – Issue 3



Inside this, our 3rd, edition you will find a whole host of great North East businesses that are as proud and as PASSIONATE as we are here at NE Love, about what they do. That’s what keeps it all alive, this vibrant ever-changing landscape of passionate people,
the ones that keep the whole scene moving because they all know. “It isn’t about what you have done, it’s about what you are doing now”

So it’s really gratifying to hear from the lovely Gary at our distribution company that we are THE, most popular of all the print media they distribute! Thanks guys……

Not that we ever really doubted it!

Now it would appear, that all we have to do here, at NE Love is keep on doing what we are already doing, being passionate about print and design Telling you all, about the best fashion,music, bands, DJ’s, art and food that the North East has to offer. More to the point, about the people behind all of this northeast pride and, (yes I’m going to say the P word again) ‘passion.’ Not just the mainstream stuff but the more underground too. The ones that are pushing the boundaries and making great things happen, the ones NE Love, loves most.

¡Viva la revolución

Any day now there will be sunshine, Easter, sunshine, bank holidays, sunshine, light nights (and mornings) sunshine, Parties, drinks outside, BBQ’s and festivals Oh and & more sunshine please l SEE YOU ALL THERE

LOVE….pass it on!


Love NE Magazine – Issue Two


Well this was 2013!
the recession, the doom the gloom, but despite all that some of us started new
ventures, new love affairs, had new babies. Some of you even expanded your businesses!

And now here we are with a brand new bright shiny year on the horizon. It’s a great comfort to know that while the monster that is the Internet forges ahead, huge companies like Tesco have seen fit to OPEN clothing retail outlets. It just goes to show that
while the Internet is a great tool, it can never replace a day out shopping with
your pals having a meal, or a drink and laughing at each other while trying on
some new clothes. Or holding an actual magazine in your
hands and smelling, yes smelling that newness.

Music, yes music works on the Internet, you can certainly feel it, but you could never touch or smell it?

(Well maybe in some of the places we have spent our weekends) but that’s another story for another day. For now suffice to say, congratulations to all of you brave
ones with the foresight to realise that 2013 wasn’t going to be easy but wasn’t exactly Armageddon!

A very merry Christmas to all of you! 2014? SOUNDS good to me!!

Best Wishes and Never Ending LOVE to one and all


Love NE – Issue One

There’s nothing like your first love. It’s just as they say, you never really recover from it, no matter how good or how torturous, it is, and there have been many
torturous days at the studio, when I think, we thought this day might never come.

Days when I’m sure, that at times Aidy, my long-suffering designer of AM Digital Media, the incredibly talented photographer that is Eric Murphy and the ‘cool in a crisis’ owner of Boho models, the lovely Alisia would gladly have got together and buried me in a shallow grave.

So where has the love come from?
Mine, at first glance, might seem an unexpected choice, especially around here.

It has come from arriving by train, to Newcastle across the Tyne and seeing what has been achieved there, a far cry from the wasteland that was, when I
left here in the eighties, or the view of Durham cathedral and castle from the
station, Or Sunderland with the Winter gardens and surprisingly beautiful
park, the city that is home of many of my dearest friends.

And NE Love? It is, a hybrid of colliding worlds and images: that proudly point
out, music culture; art and fashion;from all over the North East, It is a
magazine born of, and in a time where technology has never made it easier
and more exciting to tell a story.