Douai Abbey

Douai Magazine 2013

The Douai Magazine is a journal published annually by the monks of Douai Abbey in Woolhampton, Berkshire. First published in 1894, it seeks to record quidquid agunt homines Duacenses, “what Douai men have done”. Over time the monastic element in the Magazine yielded more space to the activities of the boys of the school formerly run by the Douai monks until 1999. After that time it has taken on a more monastic focus, recording the life of the monastic community and those associated with it, as well as offering topical articles on a variety of subjects.

This edition, #175, takes on a new format and tone, which recaptures a little something of the style of the Magazine in its heyday. It is offered free of charge to all those associated with the Douai community, old Dowegians, and anyone who is interested in the life and work of the monks of Douai.

The monastery of St Edmund, King and Martyr, was founded by English monks in 1615, in Paris where it ran a small school and became a centre of Jacobite sentiment. Indeed, King James II lay in state in the monastic church after his death. After a turbulent time in the wake of the French Revolution, the community resettled in 1820 at Douai, near Lille in northern France, where it remained until its return to England in 1903. It made a new home at Woolhampton, though it retained the name of Douai, and continued to operate a school and undertake the care of parishes throughout England and Wales. Today, the school has gone but the monks still serve parishes as well as welcoming guests to the monastery to share the hospitality that Benedictines traditionally offer to all who visit. Like all Benedctines, their primary work is the worship of God in the liturgy of the Church.