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Monthly community magazine advertising trades and services plus local news, events, community groups and societies etc. delivered through the door to residents in the following areas of Cheltenham: Charlton Kings, Leckhampton, parts of Fairview, College/St Lukes, Montpellier, Lansdown, Christchurch, Tivoli, The Park, The Suffolks, parts of Hatherley.

The Cheltenham Directory has been published since 2005 but was previously 4 separate publications:

The Leckhampton Directory, The Park & Tivoli Directory, The Charlton Kings Directory and The Central Cheltenham Directory.

The Cheltenham Directory March 2013


Loads of new and helpful local services to browse through in the March edition including The Little Kingdom Nursery & Pre-School in Charlton Kings, Bentham Country Club craft club morning and The Ceramic Centre (tiles + much more in Leckhampton – they supplied and laid my hall floor and are highly recommended).

What is there to read?  There seems to be a theme of helping you fulfill long-held ambitions in this edition: from my own inability to finish a task, due to be being thwarted by the usual domestic chaos (see my editors letter p4), to the reason your fat loss regimes may not have worked (see Studio Fit article p18) and a service to help you (or someone you may know) to finally conquer a fear of computers! (See Don’t be afraid of the mouse, p9).

Following on from this, if you run your own business but are feeling a bit confused by all the ways you could market your business online and you don’t know where to start, book on to our forthcoming workshop to learn the basics, see p7.

If you are about to get a puppy or any other pet or need to find a vet, I have a very personal recommendation for Vets on the Park – see my review p5, not to mention, an incredibly cute photo of my puppy!

Happy reading!

Clare McVey, Publisher, Cheltenham Directories, Maxima Forum, Lansdown Rd, Cheltenham, Glos  GL50 2JA 

Tel: 01242 255689


The Cheltenham Directory February 2013

It’s February so it’s time to reassess our New Year’s resolutions. Read where (and why) I’ve failed in my editor’s letter, p4. If you’re looking for something new, different and stimulating to do with a pre-schooler, check out the feature on Number Nuts on p5. If you are suffering pain or feeling under the weather, there are several health related features this month which you should definitely read -(two that we have previously published but the printed edition gets delivered to a different geographical area in Feb). The health/therapy services are of interest to people who suffer back pain and many other ailments. Aches and pains related to posture and seating – see p11, a healing massage therapy which helps ease congestion in your system and aids recovery p26 and a new invention to help back pain, post-op muscle wastage and muscle toning to assist weight loss programmes p40.

I don’t want to witter on too much about Valentine’s Day as I know people get fed up with cynical marketing around this occasion but I have to say I really do love my oven again since Paul Burnham of Ovenclean made it look like new (p17) and if find yourself in the unhappy position of being at the end of a relationship/partnership or marriage at this time of year the feature on p6 could help save you a lot of anguish.

All that and listings for more than 120 clubs & societies and lots of events and things to do this month.


Read on and I hope you find it useful.

The Cheltenham Directory January 2013


Our January edition is all about fresh starts, resolutions and health. Studio Fit has a great front cover offer – a full months free membership to help kick start your new fitness regime. If you’ve ever wondered how to stay motivated with your health and fitness resolutions, read p12.

Still on health, there are two interesting features: a new clinic has opened in Charlton Kings with offering specialist treatment for conditions such as back pain. It also helps recovery from surgery and could also assist weight management and pelvic floor weakness. Check this out on p5. On p7 you can find out about manual lymphatic drainage which helps with sinus problems, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fluid retention. Read my review. It was a fantastic treatment.
If you find yourself frustrated when trying to find things online you can pick up some useful tips on p8. This feature also covers how to make sure you/your business is found online. Also on the subject of work, if you’ve decided to work for yourself in the new year you can pick up some interesting tips on p13 thanks to Belinda Wilson of Glosjobs.

If you have resolved to be greener in 2013 see Becky Waite’s tips on p30.
The busy period is over but there still seems to be plenty going on in Cheltenham so don’t miss out – see p14-15 for our events listings.

The Cheltenham Directory December 2012

Our Christmas magazine is packed with local trades and services for your home, family & health/wellbeing, seasonal events in Cheltenham, community information, gift ideas and interesting articles. There are 17 Christmas related events in our What’s On pages (p13-15) including carol concerts and Christmas fairs plus other regular events too.
The editor, Clare McVey, writes in her letter about how not to have the perfect Christmas on p4. There are gifts for her (gorgeous jewellery p9) and if you’re stuck for a gift idea for anyone who likes to try new experiences, why not book them a clay shooting session (see p15). Could be good for a difficult-to-buy-for husband! And if you want to lose weight post Christmas, Mike Beer from Studio Fit, Cheltenham, says: “Don’t start running!” Find out why on p12.
We’ve reproduced our “How To” Twitter guide on p5-6 for the folks in Leckhampton, The Park, Tivoli and Hatherley (who don’t receive the November edition through the door). If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, this will tell you everything you need to know to get started.
If you are suffering from back pain, or need post-op recovery help, see the ad on p11. And other services new to this month’s publication are locksmiths p26, double glazing repairs p19, book keeping and accountancy services, p9.
There is a great review of Ovenclean’s services on p7 – a professionally cleaned oven brings unexpected joy at this time of year and comes highly recommended.
Green Living writer Rebecca Waite gives some great tips on reducing the amount of food wasted over Christmas. There’s a fascinating article by spiritual healer, Dorothea Stankiewiez on finding your path to happiness and how she has helped clients who were struggling, stressed and in pain.
MP Martin Horwood talks about winter A&E services and whether every pensioner should get winter fuel allowance regardless of income and Coun Klara Sudbury writes about what’s going on down your street in the Leckhampton area on p38.
For those parents struggling with the difficult process of separation, Cheltenham Mediation Services has some advice about sharing time with your children on p16.

The Cheltenham Directory November 2012

Dear Resident,
I had just pressed send on my Literature Festival reviews (see p31-32 if you want to see what I thought of Caitlin Moran and Marcus Brigstocke), when I saw the time. In my usual last minute panic, I dashed out of the door, ran down the road and skidded into a pew in the church just in time to witness the “combine harvester festival” as my 5-year old is calling it (after learning the Big Red Combine Harvester song). Quite appropriate when you think about it. After listening to each class perform a harvest poem, the vicar invited us to give thanks (to God or the combine harvester, I wasn’t sure, may be both?). But my heart sank into my boots when I heard the teacher announce that Yellow Class would now bring up their gifts to the front of the church. GIFTS??? Ah, those beautifully wrapped packages of thoughtful food parcels put together by conscientious parents which would be collected and distributed afterwards by Age UK. I had to ask myself how I had got to child number three and still managed to completely forget something like that. May be it’s because it’s child number three? To be fair, all he was worried about was that I was there and he could see me. I had at least managed that bit. For that, I will give thanks. I spent part of the previous evening at my book club, explaining to some of the members, the basic principles of Twitter. None of them were on Twitter and this didn’t surprise me at all. Hardly any of my friends are, other than those who run local businesses and yet it’s constantly in the news and every TV programme and radio show is now legally obliged, it seems, to mention how you can contact them on Twitter and some new-fangled thing called hashtags. So how come so few people I know, are actually using it? I suspect the answer is a) you’re busy and have got along perfectly well without it so far and b) you don’t know how to. There is actually rather a lot going for it, and this is coming from a total technophoebe. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. So with some expert help, I have gone to the trouble of producing a “how to” guide opposite, which I hope you will read and find useful. I’d really love to hear how you get on. Even if you don’t join me on Twitter (@CheltDirectory) or if you are implacably opposed to it, drop me an email instead. Or – what the hell – fly in the face of all modernity and write me a letter if you like doing things the old fashioned way.
Happy tweeting!

The Cheltenham Directory October 2012

As I write, rain is dashing the window pane and the blustery conditions are
scudding low clouds rapidly overhead, tossing tree branches and swirling
smoke from chimneys. It has rained like this for the entire day; we had to
cancel the bouncy castle we’d ordered for my youngest 5th birthday and
move the whole party inside. It was only family. But due to the inconvenient size of
our families that means 30-odd people (and they are a bit odd). So 16 kids and 14
adults jostled for space and vied to be heard and shouted over one another and got
under each other’s feet and perched on the corners of furniture and trod cake into the
carpet, in a noisy steam-up house, all afternoon. Rain drummed down so hard on the
conservatory roof that conversation was impossible. Thank goodness for the “big girls”
in the family who organised, musical statues, musical bumps and musical whateverthey-
could-think-of, to keep the younger ones entertained.

And do you know, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Really good friends of ours have just moved to Dubai for 2-3 years and I don’t envy them one bit. It’s not just the upheaval of the move but
there are so, so many other things I would miss about being here. Just being able to throw a family party for a start. Or a walk on a crisp, sunny autumn day, or lighting the woodburning stove on a
wet, blustery autumn evening, blackberry picking, Strictly Come Dancing, that wood smoke smell, a comforting soup or baking infused with nutmeg and cinnamon… all these things are part of the
rhythm of life in this country. I’m sure Dubai has its attractions and highlights but I am far too unadventurous to even contemplate them. And thinking of such good friends of mine being out there has only served to make me realise how glad I am to be here. So no matter the minor irritations of the day, the stresses of my print deadline, trying to keep up with my three children going in three different directions and how annoying the weather is sometimes when it scuppers your plans, I don’t want to swap this for any other part of the world.
Note: before you go thinking I’ve become possessed by a ludicrous rose tinted view of the world, I should admit that this cheeriness about how wonderful our seasons are, obviously does not extend to the months of January and February, when of course it’s unbridled misery all round, tempered only by a steady intake of wine. (Although on reflection, that is probably the cause of at least some of the misery).

Ah well. Rough with the smooth.
Have a lovely autumn.

Clare McVey
Publisher & Editor, Cheltenham Directories
01242 255689

The Directories Cheltenham- September 2012

Dear Resident,
So my youngest is off to school this month and with him goes my excuse for not getting through my never ending To Do list: all those boring bits of household admin, piles of stuff I’ve been intending to sort out for months or years, things to take back to places (if I can only find the receipt), a toaster to get fixed, bits of things to find or repair, the entire cupboard I’ve got which is full of stuff I’m going to sell on eBay … as well as friends to phone and thank you cards to write and people I must catch up with. Oh yes, it will all be done and in a couple of months I’ll be super organised with an orderly house, a clear conscience and everything will run like clockwork and I’ll be able to get on with writing a novel. It’ll be entitled 50 Shameful Things I’ve Been Meaning to do but Still Haven’t Done. It’s a pipe dream isn’t it? Because no sooner have you sorted out one thing than another pops up or you get distracted half way through and don’t finish it. We give priority to the things that are easily achieved (eg ordering something online) and put off the horrible stuff until the last minute (eg tax return) or never get around to doing them at all.

But the nice thing is, I know it’s not just me: a friend admitted recently that she’d been driving around without an MOT for 4 months without even realising; my retired aunt has been “sorting her house out” for the past 10 years and it doesn’t look any different, another friend tells me she’s stopped writing To Do lists because they just send her into a panic – she feels freed from the tyranny of having a list of things to do hanging over her head but regularly forgets her godchildren’s birthdays and misses appointments. The thing is, (and this is something a life coach/motivational expert will never tell you), I’ve learnt that sometimes procrastination pays off. Some problems miraculously seem to sort themselves
out before you’ve thrown time and money at them. Take for example, the mysterious light on my dashboard which apparently has to be fixed (at a cost of £2,000) before the car will pass its next MOT (though it’s worked fine with the light on for the past 6 months) – a local garage has now told me they’ve found a much less costly way of repairing it. Well, thank goodness I wasn’t organised enough with the time and funds to address it sooner.

Let’s be honest, trying to conquer a To Do list is like trying to push water uphill. And trying to do so will only make you stressed. It’s a futile exercise and I might just as well crack on with my novel… right after I’ve browsed through the Literature Festival brochure and texted my friend back and got the kids a biscuit…

Wishing you a productive September!

The Cheltenham Directory August 2012

Letter from the Editor
Dear Resident,
We have ventured to the far-flung, exotic location of Cirencester water park again this year, an arduous 20min drive from home. Staying at a friends’ house for a few days, we have struck unbelievably lucky weather wise – eating out on the deck looking over sparkling blue water, swimming in the open air pool and cycling around the lake. It was a different story last year when we were here: we spent several days huddled inside with the woodburner going, watching DVDs…

In this edition we have a great article on FREE Family Fun and all the latest news & local community info for August.

Also In this edition a great piece from Cheltenham Meditation Services about wills, Inheritance and Elderly Care, Health Tips from Lynn Shrubb and all the latest news form Cheltenham Connect.

Look out for the Events throughout August including the Cheltenham Farmers Market to the Live @ the Lansdown Cabaret event on the 31st.

Remember if you have any news about where you are in Cheltenham please contact us directly at don’t forget we are on twitter @cheltdirectory.

Till next time…

Clare McVey