BTN Magazine

btn Magazine No6

Greetings to all our readers. May we proudly introduce you to our latest edition, a special issue that hails and celebrates the many virtues and innovations currently thriving within our town. Burton is now a national centre in four very significant fields, and we champion each one within these pages. Our cover, with it’s splashes of clashing red and green, indicate both the St. George’s centre and the National Forest and we look at all our national centres in this edition, and with it we express our pride and our confidence that the future for Burton upon Trent is a bright one.

Our next edition will be out in December. so if you wish to advertise or contribute please contact the magazine at any of the various addresses highlighted within this edition. btn is the magazine That is seen and read in all the right places, and an advert in here is seen by the people you need to reach out to, so why not try us out for Christmas.

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