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Caring Matters – Winter 2012/2013

Hello and welcome to the Winter 2012/13 edition of Caring Matters.

Caring Matters is a quarterly magazine with a circulation of around 12,000 copies that is produced especially for all of you who look after a relative or friend who is ill, frail or disabled.

In this edition of Caring Matters there are articles on our Annual General Meeting, Volunteers, Physical Health Check Tool and many more.

Caring Matters is produced and edited by Carers Gloucestershire, which is a registered charity. The magazine carries articles by Carers and news which we hope will be of interest to Carers.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this edition. Our next edition (Spring) of Caring Matters will be available in April 2013. Please let us know what you thought of it, if you have any ideas for improvement or topics that you would like us to cover. Also, if you are interested in advertising within Caring Matters, please contact Abigail Evans on 01452 872248 or

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