BTN Magazine

BTN Magazine Issue No5

Welcome to this, the special, 5th birthday issue of btn.

I can hardly believe that it is now all of five years since we first took those first, hesitant steps into our town, trying to persuade the great and the good of the Burton’s business community to part with their pennies in return for a presence in a magazine for which we had not actually prepared more than a very sketchy prototype. Little did we know that the day we chose to launch btn was the exact same day that the world decided to officially tip into recession, and not just any old recession either, but a recession that is the longest lasting and geographically widespread than any that has ever preceded it . They say that, in business, timing is everything, but I wish they had actually specified whether or not the timing should be good or bad Suffice to say, in our case, it was potentially disastrous. But, five years on and we are still here, and, if you will pardon a cliche, still going strong.