Against All Odds...I Survived!

Against All Odds… I Survived!

“Against All odds” is an incredible story of survival in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Fikelephi was born in Apartheid Southern Africa. Her father was tortured to death for political reasons before she was born, so from the very moment she entered the world she faced poverty and uncertainty.

She grows up only to endure an abusive partner, who made violence a daily affair. She manages to escape, but with a weakened self image and bruised body.

After fleeing to the UK, she struggles to make a life for herself and her children. Backed into a corner, she makes an unusual request of God-‘the big Guy upstairs’ – whom she did not know nor believed in. He answers her call and her life changes forever.

Many years later, Fikelaphi’s world is rocked by tragedy again, as she loses one of her beloved daughters in a terrible car accident. Again God helps her to understand how to carry on in the wake of indescribable pain, and what she was truly meant to do in her life; help others survive as well.

How Fikelephi can still believe in hope is truly against all odds. In this book she shares with you her message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness & redemption.